Microsensor Corp MPM436W Submersible Level Transmitter

Microsensor Corp MPM436W Submersible Level Transmitter uses a high-performance pressure sensor as a sensing element, which could measure liquid static pressure that is positively proportional to level depth precisely, and transform pressure signal into standard current/voltage signal output by amplifier circuit to measure accurate level depth.

The product has high accuracy, compact size, easy installation, can be submersible into the liquid directly to measure the level from the transmitter bottom to the liquid surface. It can be widely used for water and level measure and control of petroleum, chemical- industry, power station, city water supply, and drainage and hydrology, etc.

Microsensor Corp MPM436W Submersible Level Transmitter Features

  • Fully sealed stainless steel construction for the submersible part; sensor and amplifier circuit are all in the sealed housing; protection class IP68;
  • Waterproof Junction Box is optional to ease wiring; protection class IP65;
  • Removable top stainless steel cap; Prevent diaphragm damage and ease cleaning;
  • MPM4 3 6 W min. pressure range 5mH 2 O; high-pressure impact resistibility;
  • Explosion-proof product conforms to Exia Ⅱ CT6 of Standard 4; Ex-proof Certificate is issued;
  • Ship-use product conforms to CCS Rules of Classification of Sea-going Steel Ships (2006); Ship-use Certificate is issued

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Microsensor Corp MPM436W Submersible Level Transmitter Specifications

Range 0.5, 2mH2O
Overpressure 10 times FS
Accuracy +0.5%FS(min.)   +1.0%FS(max.)
Stability error +5mmH2O(typ.)
Temp. drift ≤±0.15%FS/10℃
Transmitting1 2-wire 3-wire 3-wire
Power supply 15V~28VDC(Intrinsic safe version is supplied through safe barrier)
Output signal 4V~20 mADC 0mA~10/20mADC 0/1V~5/10VDC
Load (Ω) <(U-15) /0.02A <(U-15) /0.02A >5k

Material contacting with media

Housing: SS lCr18Ni9Ti Seal parts: Viton
Rubber casing: NBR Cable: Φ7.5mm PVC/Polyurethane cable with vented tube
96% alumina ceramic
Operation temp. -10℃ ~70℃ -10℃ ~60℃ (Exia)
Storage temp. -20℃ ~85℃
Protection IP68 (sensor part); IP65 (connection box)
Ex-proof class Exia Ⅱ CT6 Ga
  1. MPM436W only can be 2-wire transmitting; power supply 12~30VDC, load<(U-12)/0.02A-Rwire(kΩ); U is power supply valrage, Rwire is wire resistance.
  1. For a 2-wire output transmitter with LCD/LED display, the power supply shall be >= 20VDC


  1. Please be sure the measured media is compatible with contacting material; please pay attention to media density in the measurement (except water);
  2. We provide two kinds of cable, PVC or polyurethane cable. Polyurethane cable is more flexible and If the user has no special requirement, we provide PVC cable as default;
  3. If the product is installed in the “lightning and thunder” area, please note “lightning-proof” in the order. We suggest increasing the Lightning-proof Protection Device to protect the transmitter. Please be sure good grounding as well;
  4. If the user has a special requirement, please feel free to contact our

Download Datasheet: MPM436W, Microsensorcorp-Submersible Level Transmitter

Ref: Microsensorcorp.com

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