Hengstler Resolver R11 Series

Hengstler Resolver R11 Series

Hengstler Resolver R11 Series distinguish themselves through high reliability in harsh environments, operating temperatures up to 155 °C and high shock resistance. Based on their brushless design they are the ideal supplement to brushless servo motors. The accuracy as well as the repeatability are excellent. These resolvers are equipped with precision bearings and are maintenance-free. They are also the shortest resolvers, that are available on the market.

Brushless resolvers are the ideal rotor position indicators for the position feedback of brushless motors, robots or direct drives. They are robust, reliable and suitable for high operating temperatures until 155 °C and resistant to most process liquids, contaminations, radiation and EMC-Interferences as well as highly shock-proof and vibration-resistant.

Hengstler Resolver R11 Series Features

  • Brushless construction
  • Rugged housing
  • Maintenance free
  • Able to withstand high shock and vibration levels
  • Insensitive to most industrial contaminant and temperature extremes
  • High temperature up to 115°C

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Product Family R11 Series
Ordering Information R11 Series Resolver
Function / Application Resolver
Technology Analog
Approval n/a
Housing Diameter [mm] 27 mm
Solid- / Hollow Shaft Solid 4 … 6 mm
Protection Rating Housing IP40
Operating Temperature [°C] -55 … +125 °C
Housing Option Stainless Steel
Connection Cable
Revolutions [rpm] 10,000 rpm
Resolution ST [Bit] depends on signal processing
Interface Analog

Download Data Sheet: Resolver R11 Series

Ref: hengstler.de

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