Hägglunds CAb Radial piston hydraulic motor

Bosch Rexroth‘s hydraulic industrial motor Hägglunds CAb is of radial-piston type with a rotating cylinder block/ hollow shaft and a stationary housing. The cylinder block is mounted in fixed roller bearings in the housing. An even number of pistons are radially located in bores inside the cylinder block, and the distributor directs the incoming and outgoing oil to and from the working pistons. Each piston is working against a cam roller.


  • High power density
  • Energy efficient
  • Flexibility, many sizes, few mechanical interfaces
  • Insensitive to chock loads
  • No vibrations i.e. no flow pulsation 100% constant displacement, the symmetrical design allows forces to be balanced- radial forces oppose each other and no centrifugal forces due to the rotation
  • Trough hole diameter 45 mm
  • Small footprint (total occupied volume)

When the hydraulic pressure is acting on the pistons, the cam rollers are pushed against the slope on the cam ring that is rigidly connected to the housing, thereby producing a torque. The cam rollers transfer the reaction force to the pistons which are guided in the cylinder block. Rotation therefore occurs, and the pressure in the system is proportional to the required torque.

Oil main lines are connected to ports A and C in the connection block and drain lines to ports D1, D2 and D3 in the motor housing. The motor is connected to the shaft of the driven machine shaft through the hollow shaft of the cylinder block. The torque is transmitted by splines.

General Specification

  • Frame Size: CAb 10, 20, 30, 40
  • Displacement: 503 … 2 513 cm3/rev [31 – 153 in3/rev]
  • Specific torque: 8 … 40 Nm/bar[407 … 2 034 lbf·ft/1000 psi]
  • Maximum speed: 310 … 350 rpm
  • Maximum operating pressure: 250 bar [3 626 psi]

Dowload Datasheet : Hägglunds CAb Radial piston hydraulic motor

reference: http://www.boschrexroth.com

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