Parmelee Pipe Wrench

Parmelee Pipe Wrench is a patented advancement based on the original 1869 Stillson & Walworth swiveling pipe wrench – the first non- monkey wrench of its kind that allows users to push and pull the wrench handle in one direction or the other to both grip and release cylindrical piping.

Parmelee Pipe Wrench General Information

While the 20 th century’s industrial boom brought on extreme demand for iron and piping tools in order to keep up with the ever advancing plumbing, construction, and utility industries – the 21 st century has generated the opportunity for the global energy industry to benefit from the Parmelee wrench and its unique design and application.

Parmelee Wrench Co. is based in Harrison, New Jersey and specializes in the advanced manufacturing, engineering and customization of the Parmelee Pipe Wrench. While many diverse trades now require the use of this unique wrench, international demand has grown exponentially as has the oil & gas exploration and production industry. As a global manufacturer serving the United States, Canada, the Middle East, Europe, Asia, South America and Africa, Parmelee Wrench Co. is dedicated to providing all of its customers with a reliable, quality pipe wrench backed with superior service and fast delivery.

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Parmelee Pipe Wrench Products

The Parmelee Pipe Wrench is available in 4 different size categories based on pipe or rod diameter and torque requirements. Handles and Girths are mated together, often referred to H & G. There is H1 & G1 (light gauge), H2 & G2 (medium gauge), H3 & G3 (heavy gauge), and H4 & G4 (extra heavy gauge), and each size category comes with 20+ standard stock sizes available.

In addition to the standard girth sizes, we also furnish additional sizes, including metric sizes via a separate custom quotation, please call (973) 483-3232 for more information. Certain applications require a custom liner to be welded to the interior of the girth to create the perfect grip and we can quote girths with liner upon request as well.

Wrench Handle

Wrench Handle
Wrench Handle

Handles are available in 4 basic categories: H1 (light gauge), H2 (medium gauge), H3 (heavy gauge), and H4 (extra heavy gauge), and each size category comes with 20+ standard stock girth sizes available. The ratchet like action of the handle allows for speed and ease of use especially where clearance is limited in confined spaces and will not displace or damage piping. Each handle must be ordered based on size and torque ratings.

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Wrench Girths

Wrench Girths
Wrench Girths

A 3-piece head used to grip the pipe or rod 360° all around the circumference of the outside diameter. The girths, similar to the handles, are available in 4 basic categories: G1 (light gauge), G2 (medium gauge), G3 (heavy gauge) and G4 (extra heavy gauge). Specific girths or girths with liners are sized according to the outside diameter, or O.D., measurement of the pipe to ensure a tight 360° grip. A separate girth is necessary for each diameter of pipe, tubing, or rod and cannot be used on diameters other than that for which it was made. We also furnish custom sizes, including metric sizes or millimeters.

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