Bamo SDD 910 Pressure Relief Valves

Bamo SDD 910 Pressure Relief Valves protects a network of pipes in the event of overpressure that could lead to deterioration of the system. It limits the static pressure to a constant upstream pressure when the pressure is over the settled value. All wet parts are of plastics. The diaphragm and seals are of EPDM or FPM according the model. SDD 910 valves may be used as pressure relief valves on dosing or volumetric pumping systems.

The pressure relief valves are mounted in any position, or in line or as a bypass, according to requested operation. They can also be used on injection stems with dosing pumps, avoiding the risk of siphoning, creating a constant back-pressure (adjustable on site). As a standard supply, valves SDD 910 have a top handle for adjustment, which is self-locking. (No needs of tools)

Bamo SDD 910 Pressure Relief Valves Features

  • All wet parts in plastic
  • Protection of pumps and piping
  • Body: PPG or PVDF
  • Unions: PVC, PP or PVDF
  • ND 10 and ND 15
  • Adjustable trigger point: 0.5 … 6 bar

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Body PPG (glass fibre reinforced polypropylene) or PVDF
Diaphragm EPDM or FPM
Seals (unions) EPDM or FPM
Upper cover PPG
Adjusting knob PPG
Screws Stainless steel
Spring Stainless steel
Insert (movement inside) Brass
Dimensions ND 10 or ND 15
Hysteresis About 0.3 bar
Adjustment range 0.5 … 6 bar
Fittings PVC Unions for solvent welding; PP or PVDF Unions for
fusion welding

Download Data Sheet: Pressure Relief Valves SDD 910


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