Burkert Type 6027 Direct-acting 2/2 Way Plunger Valve

Burkert Type 6027 Direct-acting 2/2 Way Plunger Valve is a direct-acting plunger valve. The stopper and plunger guide tube are welded together to enhance pressure resistance and leak-tightness. Various seal material combinations are available depending on the application. The coils are moulded with chemically resistant epoxy.

An optional sliding ring bearing increases the service life with dry gases. Special seal technology is used for high-pressure applications. In combination with a plug in accordance with DIN EN 175301-803 Form A, the valves satisfy protection class IP65. Stainless steel valves satisfy NEMA 4X. This product can be combined with Cable Plug Type 2518 and Type 2513.


  • Direct-acting, powerful valve with diameter of up to DN13
  • Vibration-proof, bolted coil system
  • Increased leak-tightness with welded plunger guide tube
  • Explosion proof versions
  • High pressure variants for gases and liquids


Product properties

Dimensions Detailed information can be found in chapter “4. Dimensions” on page 8 of datasheet.
Body Brass or stainless steel 1.4404 Coil
Coil Epoxy
Orifice DN1.0…DN13.0
Coil insulation class Epoxy classe H

Performance data

Duty cycle / single valve 100% continuous rating
Response times
Response times AC Opening: 10…30 ms
Closing: 50…80 ms
Response times DC Opening: 20…30 ms
Closing: 50…80 ms
Circuit function A and B

Electrical data

Voltage tolerance ±10%
Voltages 24V/DC, 24V/50Hz, 230V/50Hz, others on request

Medium data

Medium Vacuum, neutral gases and liquids (e.g. compressed air, town gas, natural gas, water, hydraulic oil, petrol) and slightly aggressive medium, Hot liquids and steam Oil burner version PF15: Heating oil (EL, L, M, S) acc. to DIN 51603 part 1…6, shipping fuels acc. to ISO 8217, fatty acid methyl ester (FAME) acc. to DIN EN 14213, rapeseed oil acc. to DIN V 51605
Viscosity (max.) 21 mm2 /sec
1.6…76 cSt (DN2, 2 NC 1.6…22 cSt) (Oil burner version PF15)
Medium temperature Seat seal/external seal
Standard version FKM/FKM: -10 °C…+140 °C
EPDM/EPDM: -30 °C…+120 °C
NBR/NBR: -10 °C…+80 °C
PTFE/FKM: -10 °C…+140 °C
PTFE/PEEK: -40 °C..+180 °C
High pressure version MX31 & MX32 PEEK/FKM: -10 °C…+80 °C
PEEK/EPDM: -30 °C…+80 °C
PEEK/PEEK: -40 °C..+80 °C
Approval DIN EN 161 (PO19) NBR/NBR: 0 °C…+80 °C
FKM/FKM: 0 °C…+80 °C
Oil burner version PF15 0 °C…160 °C

Approvals and Certificates

Protection class IP65 with cable plug
DIN Certco registration (Oil burner version PF15) DN2.2 (NO) Reg. No.: 5S255
DN3.0 (NC) Reg. No.: 5S255
DN3.5 (NC) Reg. No.: 5S255
DN10.0 (NC) Reg. No.: 5S255

Product connections

Port connection G ¼, G ⅜, G ½, G ⅜ (NPT and RC on request)
G ¼, G ⅜, G ½, G ⅛ (Oil burner version PF15)
Electrical connection acc. to DIN EN 175 301-803 Form A for cable plug Type 2508 (see “Cable plug Type 2518, form A acc. to DIN EN 175301 – 803” on page 22 of datasheet)

Environment and installation

Installation As required, preferably with actuator upright
Ambient temperature (max.) 55 °C
-15 °C…+60 °C (Oil burner version PF15)

Power Consumption

Orifice [mm] AC DC ATEX/IECEx AC/DC KD coil AC/DC1.)
Inrush power Holding power Cold performance Warm performance
[VA] [VA] [W] Cold performance [W] Warm performance [W] Rated power [W] Inrush power Holding power [W] Holding power [W]
[W] 500 ms
42 (K) 150 37 16 21 16 12 85 08.05 7
65 (L) 28 21 20

Download Datasheet: Burkert Type 6027 Direct-acting 2/2 Way Plunger Valve

Reference : burkert-usa.com

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