Delta Elektrogas EVRMNA EVRM6NA Manual Reset Safety Valve For gas

Safety solenoid valves for gas with manual reset, normally open

The EVRM-NA type valve is a manual reset safety valve that is normally open. The closing function is electrically activated. This type of device, connected to one or more gas leakage detectors, safety thermostat or alarm signals for the presence of carbon monoxide, is suitable to perform locking operations on the gas line

Function and Application

The EVRM-NA /6NA type valve is a manual reset safety valve that is normally open. Manual operation is, therefore, necessary to open the valve and reset the mechanism consenting to maintain this state. The powered by means of line current and/or condenser discharge, induced by the leakage detector, safety thermostat, or alarm system cause driving of the mechanism and consequent closing of the gas orifice. If the energizing of the sensor persists because of the presence of gas, the valve remains under power and does not allow reset. When the causes of locking have been eliminated, the valve must be opened manually.

Delta elektroga EVRMNA Function and Application
Delta elektroga EVRMNA Function and Application

The models from DN125 or bigger and the 6 bar versions are provided with a dual-shutter system for pressure compensation. To open the valve pull the knob for the first step, wait for pressure compensation, and then pull the knob completely up to full resetting.


Connections Internal threaded ISO 7-1 from Rp3/8 to Rp2½
ANSI-ASME B1.20 from 3/8” NPT to 2”½NPT
Flanged ISO 7005 PN16 from DN40 to DN300
ANSI-ASA-ASME B16.5 class 150 from 2” to 10”
Voltage ratings 230 VAC 50/60 Hz
110 VAC 50/60 Hz
Voltage tolerance -15% to +10%
Temperature -15°C to +60°C (+5°F to +140°F)
Max. operating pressure 600 mbar (9 psig)
6 bar (90 psig)
Body test pressure 1 bar (15 psig)
9 bar * (130 psig)
Closing time < 1 second
Gas strainer 600 µm (0.02 in), metal mesh (except 6 bar models)
Enclosure IP54 (NEMA 3)
(IP65 optional with cable NEMA 4)
Cable gland PG 9
Wires cross-section 1,5 mm2 max. (AWG 14)
Electrical safety Class I (EN 60335-1)
Coil winding insulation Class H (200°C, 392°F)
Coil thermal resistance Class F (155°C, 311°F)

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