Aanderaa Conductivity Sensor 4419R

Aanderaa Conductivity Sensor 4419R is a compact fully integrated sensor for measuring the electrical conductivity of seawater. 4419 is designed to be used as a stand-alone sensor using RS-422. For applications with either AiCaP or RS-232 use please refer to Conductivity sensor 4319.

Conductivity is a key parameter for the in-situ determination of several fundamental physical properties of seawater. For seawater, the ability to conduct electrical current is mostly dependent on temperature and the amount of inorganic dissolved solids. This means that, together with temperature and depth information, a good estimate of the salinity may be determined.

Salinity is defined as the concentration of dissolved solids. Other important properties of seawater are again dependent on the salinity. Among these are the density and the speed of sound. The Conductivity Sensor 4419R is based on an inductive principle. This provides for stable measurement without electrodes that are easily fouled and may wear out in the field.

The utilization of miniature components has made it possible to integrate all the required electronics. The output format for 4319 are AiCaP CANbus and RS-232, while the output format for the 4419R version is RS-422. The sensor version must be specified when ordered as the two versions are not interchangeable. The R-version cannot be used in SeaGuard applications.

Output parameters are conductivity, temperature, salinity, density, and sound speed in RS-422. Data can be presented in engineering units or raw data. Aanderaa Conductivity Sensor 4419R can be mounted directly on the top endplate of the Aanderaa SeaGuard, in a String System node, or connected to the SmartGuard and are automatically detected and recognized.

Aanderaa offers easy to use configuration software; AADI Real-Time Collector, both for configuration but also logging of data. As an alternative to this software, you may also use terminal software like Terra Term or Hyper Terminal.

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Aanderaa Conductivity Sensor 4419R Advantages

  • Direct readout of engineering data
  • Internal pressure never exceeds 1 bar therefore electronics and sensors are unaffected by sea depth
  • Rugged and robust with low maintenance needs
  • Output format: RS-422
  • 3 depth ranges available max. 6000 meters

Aanderaa Conductivity Specifications


  • Range: 0–7.5S/m (0–75mS/cm)
  • Resolution: 0.0002S/m (0.002mS/cm)


  • 4419RA ±0.005S/m (±0.05mS/cm)
  • 4419RB ±0.0018S/m (±0.018mS/cm)
  • Response Time (90%): <3s


  • Range: -5–40°C (23-104˚F)2)
  • Resolution: 0.01°C (0.018°F)
  • Accuracy: ±0.05°C (0.09°F)/(±0.1°C) (0.18°F for interval <30s.)
  • Response Time (63%): <10 seconds
  • Output format: 4419R: RS-422
  • Output Parameter: Conductivity, temperature, salinity, density and sound of speed
  • Sampling interval: 2 sec – 255 min
  • Supply voltage: 5 to 14VDC

Current drain

  • Average: 0.16 +48mA/S where S is
  • sampling interval in seconds
  • Maximum: 100mA
  • Quiescent: 1.5mA

Operating depth

  • Shallow Water (SW): 0–300m (0–984.3ft)
  • Intermediate Water (IW):0–3000m (0–9843ft)
  • Deep Water (DW): 0–6000m (0–19690ft)
  • Electrical connection: 10-pin receptacle mating Sensor plug
  • Dimension (WxDxH): 36 x 39 x 86mm (1.4”x1.5”x3.4”)
  • Weight: 240g (8.466oz)
  • Materials: Epoxy coated titanium

Accessories, not included

  • Resistor Set 3719 for functional test
  • Sensor Cable 4763, 4799

Download Datasheet: Aanderaa Sensor 4419R

Reference: aanderaa.com

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