Bamo A201 Damper for Pressure Gauges

Bamo A201 Damper for Pressure Gauges  protects the pressure measuring instrument against undesirable effects of pulsating regime. It includes an adjustable needle which narrows the pressure channel, to adjust according the operating conditions. Well adjusted on site, it considerably increases the service life of pressure gauges in conditions of use where the pressure varies abruptly such as on compressors, pumps, while preserving precision.

Note: In the case of mechanical vibrations, the use of a pressure gauge oil filled is required.

Bamo A201 Damper for Pressure Gauges Features

  • Adjustable damper for liquids, gases and steam
  • Operating pressure: Max. 400 bar
  • Temperature: Max. 180 °C


Protection of pressure gauges against sudden variations in pressure (pressure peaks, pressure surges, pulsating regime, etc.).

Bamo A201 Damper for Pressure Gauges Specification

Model Adjustable
Body 316 stainless steel
Gaskets and seals FPM
Operating temperature Max. 180 ° C
Operating pressure Max. 400 bar
Instrument connection ½” BSP – F
Process connection ½” BSP – M

Download Data Sheet: Damper for Pressure Gauges A201


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