Bamo LAS Resistivity Monitor

Bamo LAS Resistivity Monitor indicates permanently the resistivity value. The alarm sounds each time the resistivity is lower than the preset value (to adjust on site). This alarm resets only when the resistivity is back to a correct value.

The scale 0…2 MΩ is expanded to allow a comfortable reading from 20 to 500 kΩ with centered value at 100 kΩ. This monitor brings to the operator safe information on the water quality from demineralization systems trough resins.

All electrodes with a cell constant of 0.1 are useful with the monitor LAS. Nevertheless, the bestseller is the BC 1425 probe with a 5 m cable and a BNC coaxial connector included for a process connection BSP 1/4″.

Bamo LAS Resistivity Monitor Features

  • Easy to use for demineralized water monitoring
  • Expanded scale from 0 to 2 MΩ
  • Contact output
  • Adjustable sound alarm

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Bamo LAS Resistivity Monitor Specification

Measuring range: 0 – 2 MΩ, expanded scale centred on 100 kΩ
Alarm: Buzzer and red LED indicator
Output: Bistable switch
Switching power: 5A 250 V AC, 5 A 30 V DC
Housing: In ABS – 80 x 160 x 55 mm, wall mounting
Power supply: 230 V / 50 Hz, (cable 1.5 m long included)

Download Data Sheet: Resistivity Monitor LAS