Bamo MUDLine TGS Turbidity Battery Operated Sludge Level Controller

Bamo MUDLine TGS Turbidity Battery Operated Sludge Level Controller consists of a control unit mounted on a cable-drum and a submersible probe with a 10 m long cable. The probe is equipped with a turbidity sensor for detection of interface between water and sludge, as well as an hydrostatic level sensor to measure the depth of immersion.

The depth is permanently displayed on the LCD screen of the control unit. Sensitivity of sensor is switchable between two ranges of sludge concentrations (Low and High). When sludge is detected, a buzzer sounds and light (red LED) is emitted. A self-hold function of display allows the reading of the depth.

Bamo MUDLine TGS Features

  • Portable equipment, battery operated
  • Sludge level detection adjustable on site
  • Display of depth up to 10 m
  • Signaling: Buzzer and LED
  • Including: Battery charger230 V AC


Sludge level controller for

  • Sedimentation basins
  • Primary and secondary clarifiers
  • Septic tanks

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Bamo MUDLine TGS Specification

Measuring range 0… 10 m
Measuring accuracy About 1 cm
Automatic shutdown After 7 min of non activity
Autonomy More than 100 detections of 7 minutes each
Ambient temperature 0… +50 °C
Cable TPE cable, 10 m long
Material Probe in PVC
Protection Probe: IP 68; Handheld housing: IP 44 – EN 60 529
Mass 3.5 kg
Battery charger supply 230 V AC

Download Data Sheet: Turbidity Battery Operated Sludge Level Controller MUDLine® TGS