Hengstler Totalizing Counter 495

The Hengstler Totalizing Counter 495 integrated, impressively easy installation using hose coupler or rapid-fit connector, maintenance-free operation. This integrated totalizing counter is available in two designs, with either a 6 or 8-digit display.

Hengstler Totalizing Counter 495 integrated is available without a reset function or with manual or pneumatic reset. The user-friendly Type 495 for surface-mounting is easily fitted using hose couplers or a rapid-fit connector and is maintenance-free in use. The totalizing counters for surface-mounting has a 6-digit display and is equipped with a convenient pneumatic or manual reset function.

Hengstler Totalizing Counter 495 Features

  • The display has 6 or 8 digits
  • Reset is manual, pneumatic or with no reset
  • Simple installation
  • Hose coupler or rapid-fit connector
  • Maintenance-free operation

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Product Family 495
Function Totalizing counter
Technology Pneumatic
Digits 6-digit
Display 6-digit
Preset none
Digit Height [mm] 4 mm (0.2 in)
Reset manual reset
pneumatic reset
without reset
Pulse Length min. 8 ms
Count Frequency [Hz] 25 Hz
Count Input adding
Maintenance-Free operation counting 30 x 10 pulses
reset 1.5 x 10 pulses
IP Protection Class
Operating Temperature [°C] – 15 …°C+ 60 °C (+ 14 … 122 °F)
Storage Temperature [°C] – 40 …°C + 60 °C (+ 14 … 122 °F)
Vibration Resistance 50 m/s2 (164 ft/s2) acc. IEC 0682-6
Shock Resistance 400 m/s2 (1312 ft/s2) acc. IEC 068 2-27
Service Pressure 2 – 8 bar
Air Quality oil-free
Filter Pore Width < 40 m
Size [mm] Panel: 60(56)x50(40)x65
Surface: 100x53x26
Mounting Options Front panel installation
Surface mounting
Mounting front panel installation
surface mounting
Reset manual reset with button
external pneumatic signal, min. 180 ms
without reset
Weight [g] approx. 60 g (3.2 oz)
Dimensions [mm] flush mounting: 56 x 40 x 65 mm (2.0×1.6×2.6 in) or 60 x 50 x 65 mm (2.3×1.9×2.6 in)
surface mounting: 100x53x26 mm (3.9×2.1×1.0 in)
Mounting Position any
Connection hose coupler M5
rapid-fit connector


Download Data Sheet: Totalizing Counter Type 495
Ref: hengstler.de

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