Bamo TURBISWITCH CP2 Turbidity Immersion Probe

Bamo TURBISWITCH CP2 Turbidity Immersion Probe connected to a TURBISWITCH GS4 controller. It provides a contact as soon as the turbidity reaches the preset value. The emitter sends the infra-red light beam through the liquid to the receiver. The signal variations due to the turbidity changes are analyzed by the TURBISWITCH GS4 to detect an over ride threshold and then to actuate the relay output. To avoid false alarms due to air bubbles or accidental excess of turbidity, delays are adjustable between 0.1 and 9.9 s on both increasing and decreasing turbidity.

Bamo TURBISWITCH CP2 Turbidity Immersion Probe Features

  • Turbidity control on adjustable threshold
  • PVC probe, IP 68
  • Detection range: within 100 … 30 000 FAU
  • Immersion depth: Max. 10 m
  • To connect to a TURBISWITCH GS4


  • Level detection of blanket sludge
  • Phase separation detection
  • Effluents monitoring
  • Monitoring of turbidity limit of liquids

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Bamo TURBISWITCH CP2 Turbidity Immersion Probe Specification

Construction PVC
Protection IP 68
Detection range 100 … 30000 FAU
Immersion depth Max.: 10 m
Liquid temperature 0… +60 °C
Cable TPK Shielded cable, 2 x 0.5 mm², resistant to acid and base
liquids, standard length 6 m (other on request)
Mounting Cable suspended
With PVC extension tube, standard length 1 m or 1.5 m (other
on request, max. 2 m)
With mounting clamp Ø40mm

Download Data Sheet: Turbidity Immersion Probe TURBISWITCH CP2


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