Bamo P101 Bourdon Tube Pressure Gauge

Bamo P101 Bourdon Tube Pressure Gauge are in conformity with standard EN 837-1. With a stainless steel design, this model is suitable for a large number of industrial applications. To suit lines with vibrations, case may be filled up with glycerine or silicone oil. These fluids diminish the unstable movements of needle to facilitate the readings. At the same time, they protect and increase the lifetime of the instrument.

Note: In the case of sudden changes in pressure such as water hammers or pulsating flow, it is recommended to use a pressure damper.

Bamo P101 Bourdon Tube Pressure Gauge Features

  • Movement in stainless steel
  • Case: Diam. 100 mm
  • Scales: from -1 … 0 up to 0 … 1600 bar


For neutral liquids or gases in food, pharmaceutical, chemical, petrochemicals industries.

Bamo P101 Bourdon Tube Pressure Gauge Specification

Accuracy Class 1.0
Type Dry case, (Option: filling)
Ambient temperature 0to 40 °C
Storage temperature -40 to +65 °C (dry case)
-20 to +65 °C (filled case)
Operating temperature 100 °C max. (Max. 60 or 90 °C acc. filling fluid)
Temperature drift Of reading, max. ±0.4 % / 10 °C if operating temperature
is different from 20 °C
Measuring ranges From -1 … 0 up to 0 … 1600 bar
Movement Bourdon tube
Type C (< 100 bar)
Helicoidal (> 100 bar)
Protection IP54/IP65
Fitting Male: ½” BSP or NPT
Other fitting on request

Pressure limits:

Static pressure Full scale value
Dynamic pressure 0.9 x Full scale value
Instantly 1.3 x Full scale value if ≤ 100 bar
1.15 x Full scale value if > 100 bar


Weld sealing Argon TIG welding
Bourdon tube AISI 316 L
Movement AISI 304
Case and ring AISI 304
Gasket Neoprene
Dial Aluminum, black marks on white background
Pointer Aluminum, black color; Adjustable zeroing
Window SEKURIT glass

Download Data Sheet: Bourdon Tube Pressure Gauge P101


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