Microsensorcorp MTM6861 Wireless Temperature Transmitter

Microsensorcorp MTM6861 Wireless Temperature Transmitter is an intelligent wireless temperature transmitter with low power consumption and wireless communication function. It can be equipped with various networks including NB-IoT/4G. It reports the data according to the set interval and sends alarms to users.

Customers can configure the device and inquire for data remotely. All the upload and download data will be stored in the database automatically for later queries. It is more intuitive, accurate, and efficient through PC or mobile terminals access the internet to acquire and analyze data as well as forming with report and data curve.

It can be used to measure the temperature of various kinds of liquids, gases, and solid surfaces in the range of -50 ℃ ~ 100 ℃. The transmitter can detect the real-time data of many monitoring points in a large area such as boiler water temperature, petrochemical, metallurgy, power station, and other fields that need unattended and remote monitoring

Microsensorcorp MTM6861 Features

  • NB-IoT / 4G network for application
  • Integrated high-energy lithium battery, with service life over 2 years
  • Data application in PC and mobile terminals, device data query
  • Based on GIS managing system, device status prompt
  • Support remote setting for data collecting frequency, data transferring frequency, etc.
  • Indicator light alert for device state/ abnormal conditions
  • Opened database and interface protocol, and available interface parsing file

Microsensorcorp MTM6861 Specification

  • Temperature Range: -50℃ ~150℃
  • Accuracy: ±2℃
  • Power Supply: 3.6V@38Ah Lithium Battery/9V~36V DC
  • SIM Card: Nano SIM(12mm×9mm)
  • Display: LCD display
  • Keyboard: Panel key triggered
  • Setting: In site/Remote control
  • Weight: ≥1.5kgs
  • Communication Mode: NB-IoT/4G
  • Communication Protocol: MQTT
  • Consumption: Average current at sending status≤100mA@3.6V DC, at sleep mode≤25uA@3.6V DC

Environment Conditions

  • Operation Temperature: -20℃ ~70℃
  • Storage Temperature: -40℃ ~85℃
  • Relative Humidity: 0%~95%
  • Protection: IP65
  • Explosion-proof: Exd IIC T6 Gb

Download Datasheet: MTM6861, Microsensorcorp-Wireless Temperature Transmitter

Ref: Microsensorcorp.com

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