Bamo Turbidity Measuring Cells TURBISWITCH GA1/GA5/GA11

Bamo Turbidity Measuring Cells is the result of existing particles in the liquid. TURBISWITCH GA is designed for installation in pipeline; It measures optically the turbidity of the flowing liquid. Transmitted light measurement is done between an emitter and a receiver, in front of each other. Attenuated light measurement is convert by the TURBISWITCH GS4, which compares the signal against the threshold set by the operator.

The limits of turbidity detection depend of the liquid’s properties and nominal diameter of the measuring cell. Measuring range is between 50 FAU min. (or above depending of liquid) and 10,000 FAU max. Optical windows are of borosilicate glass with CLEANOSIL anti-fouling coating.

A turbidity control system includes:

  • 1 Controller TURBISWITCH GS4
  • 1 Measuring cell TURBISWITCH GA.. that includes fitted emitter (TT-HDR) and receiver (TR-HDR)

Bamo Turbidity Measuring Cells Features

  • Turbidity limit value detection
  • From DN15 up to DN100
  • For TURBISWITCH GS4 controller
  • In-line or by-pass assembly • PVC, PP or stainless steel versions


For monitoring process of

  • Filtration / Ultrafiltration
  • Reverse osmosis
  • Cooling units
  • Centrifuges / Separators
  • Condensates
  • Wasted water / Industrial water

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Bamo Turbidity Measuring Cells Specification

Material AISI 316 L (1.4404)
Fittings Flanges DIN 2633, PN10
Liquid temperature -10 … +100 °C
Pressure limit 10 bar
Seals EPDM (others on request)
Material AISI 304 (1.4301)
Fittings Loose flanges, DIN 2642, PN 10, AISI 316Ti (1.4541)
Liquid temperature -10 … +100 °C
Pressure limit 10 bar
Seals EPDM (others on request)
Material Or PVC, or PPH
Fittings Solvent welding (PVC) or fusion welding (PPH)
Loose flanges DIN 2642 (with inserts and O-ring seals)
Seals EPDM (others on request)

Download Data Sheet: Turbidity Measuring Cells TURBISWITCH GA1/GA5/GA11