Magnetic proximity sensors SICK MM Type

Sick MM magnetic proximity sensors provide long sensing ranges that can reliably detect magnetic objects. Magnetic proximity sensors are resistant to dust, heat, vibrations and other harsh environments. The MM magnetic sensors are enclosed in a cylindrical housing and are available in sizes MM08, MM12 and MM18.


  • Non-contact operation eliminates interference from dirt, dust and vibrations, increasing sensor life and reducing maintenance costs
  • Space-saving installation due to small design
  • Large operating ranges with reliable switching increase throughput
  • Non-contact, universal detection through several substances, including plastic containers and pipes protective PTFE walls and non-magnetic metal walls

General Specification

Housing: Cylindrical thread design
Thread size:

  • M8 x 1
  • M12 x 1
  • M18 x 1

Sensing range Sn:  45 mm … 120 mm (depending on type)
Magnetic field sensitivity, min.: 0.4 mT … 1 mT (depending on type)
Housing material: Nickel-plated brass / V4A (depending on type)
Enclosure rating: IP67
Connection: Connector M8, 3-pin / Cable, 3-wire / male connector M12, 4-pin (depending on type)


Sensing range Sn Switching output Connection type Housing material Output function Type Part no.
≤ 45 mm PNP Male connector M12, 4-pin Metal NO MM12-45APSZCKS01 1050342
≤ 60 mm NPN Cable, 3- NC MM12-60ANO-ZU0 1016927 wire, 2 m 1) Metal NC MM12-60ANO-ZU0 1016927
NO MM08-60ANS-ZU0 7900265
MM08-60ANS-ZUK 1040066
MM12-60ANS-ZU0 7900269
MM12-60ANS-ZUK 1040026
Connector M8, 3-pin Metal NO MM08-60ANS-ZT0 7900267
MM08-60ANS-ZTK 1040068
Male connector M12, 4-pin Metal NO MM12-60ANS-ZC0 7900271
Metal NO MM12-60ANS-ZCK 1040071
PNP Cable, 3-wire, 2 m1) Metal NC MM12-60APO-ZU0 1017462
MM12-60APO-ZUK 1040065
NO MM08-60APS-ZU0 7900264
MM08-60APS-ZUK 1040027
MM12-60APS-ZU0 7900268
MM12-60APS-ZUK 1040069
Cable, 3-wire, 3 m1) Metal NC MM08-60APO-ZUA 1042425
NO MM12-60APS-ZUA 1042365
Connector M8, 3-pin Metal NC MM08-60APO-ZT0 1069742
NO MM08-60APS-ZT0 7900266
MM08-60APS-ZTK 1040067
Male connector M12, 4-pin Metal NO MM12-60APS-ZC0 7900270
MM12-60APS-ZCK 1040070
≤ 70 mm NPN Cable, 3-wire, 2 m1) Metal NO MM18-70ANS-ZUK 1040085
Male connector M12, 4-pin Metal NO MM18-70ANS-ZC0 7900275
MM18-70ANS-ZCK 1040073
PNP Cable, 3-wire, 2 m1) Metal NO MM18-70APS-ZU0 7900272
MM18-70APS-ZUK 1040029
Male connector M12, 4-pin Metal NC MM18-70APO-ZC0 1047934
MM18-70APO-ZCK 1047255
MM18-70APOZCKS01 1049025
MM18-70APOZCKS03 1072234
NO MM18-70APS-ZC0 7900274
MM18-70APS-ZCK 1040072
Stainless steel NC MM18-70APO-VCK 1099419
NO MM18-70APS-VCK 1050765
≤ 90 mm NPN Cable, 3-wire, 2 m1) Metal NO MM12-90ANS-ZU0 1051013
PNP Cable, 3-wire, 2 m1) Metal NO MM12-90APS-ZU0 1029951
Male connector M12, 4-pin Metal NO MM12-90APS-ZC0 1029950
≤ 120 mm PNP Cable, 3-wire, 2 m Metal NO MM18-00APS-ZUK 1077120
Metal NO MM18-00APS-ZU0 1029952
Male connector M12, 4-pin Metal NO MM18-00APS-ZC0 1029861
MM18-00APS-ZCK 1076085

Note: 1) Do not bend below 0 °C.

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