A+ Corporation Genie Regulator Accessory Manifold

A+ Corporation Genie Regulator Accessory Manifold is a privately-held, family-owned company located in Gonzales, Louisiana just outside of Baton Rouge. A+ pioneered the use of membranes for removing liquids to protect analyzers in both gas and liquid streams with their Genie Membrane Separators.

Additionally, the company pioneered the use of membranes on sample probes, eliminating liquids at pipeline conditions to ensure a representative sample as well as preventing liquids from contaminating the sample system.

With over 45 patents and counting, A+ continues to create new and exciting technologies that will continue to define and redefine the way fluids are sampled.

Better solutions come from a better understanding of the problems customers face. By understanding and identifying these core issues, we ensure the solutions we provide are solving the root problem and not simply fixing symptoms of the core problem. Also, if we can fix your sampling issue without selling anything, we’re glad to do it.

Starting in the fall of 1988, in a spare room in his house, Don Mayeaux began creating product concepts that would forever change the way natural gas is sampled.

Building on a concept discovered while designing an improved electrochemical moisture analyzer, Don invented a simple, phase-separating filter that he named “Genie.” The Genie® brand has gone on to become a master brand, the name by which most other membrane separators in the market are also referred to today.

While there have been many improvements and variations made in the last 25 years, the basic operation of the Genie Membrane Separator™ has remained unchanged. Don had a passion for discovering how things worked and was not satisfied to accept that things simply did. He desired to know the exact mechanics of everyday objects down to the minute details.

This passion extended into his work, and solving industry problems was more important than making a sale. If the solution included an A+ product, that was a bonus. In some cases, a new product design was the result, many of which are still flourishing today.

A+ Corporation Genie Regulator Accessory Manifold

The Genie® Regulator Accessory Manifold consists of a Genie® Manifold with the following parts attached: pressure gauge, ball valve, and optional relief valve. It is designed to thread directly into any Genie® Membrane Probe Regulator™ or Genie® Regulator™ and provides a means to monitor regulator outlet pressure and block flow.

It’s straight-through sample flow path, minimal dead volume, and low internal volume make it Analytically Correct™ and help to preserve sample integrity. The optional relief valve is intended for the protection of the gauge only. The relief valve is not intended to protect any downstream equipment.


  • Minimal dead volume and surface area
  • 1/10th the volume of a 1/4″ NPT cross fitting
  • Compact, Analytically Correct™ design


  • Monitors regulator outlet pressure
  • Blocks regulator outlet flow
  • Helps preserve sample integrity
  • Helps improve the safety of personnel and equipment
  • Economical


  • For use with any Genie® Membrane Probe Regulator™ or Genie® Regulator™

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A+ Genie Regulator Accessory Specification

Maximum pressure rating Dependant upon pressure gauge selected
Temperature ranges -35 °F (-37.2 °C) to 225 °F (102.2 °C)
Outlet port size Dependant upon ball valve selected
Wetted materials Machined parts: 316/316L stainless steel
Ball Valve Seal Material: PTFE
Relief Valve Seal material: Neoprene rubber

Download Data Sheet: Genie Regulator Accessory Manifold

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