Microsensor Corp MDM3051SAP Intelligent Pressure Transmitter

Microsensor Corp MDM3051SAP Intelligent Pressure Transmitter is used for level, density, pressure and flow measurement of liquid, gas and steam. Then it will output a 4mA~20mA DC HART signal and also it could be connected to MS-HART375 handing communicator or RSM295 Modem to do the specification setting and process control.

The pressure transmitter includes two functional units:

  1. Main unit
  2. Auxiliary unit

The main unit includes a sensor and process connection, working principle as followed:

Through corrugated, isolated diaphragm and filling oil, process media is pressurized to the diaphragm of a pressure sensor. The other end of the pressure sensor diaphragm is connected to the air (for gauge measurement) or vacuum(for absolute measurement). In such a way, it makes the resistor of the sensor die change so that the detection system outputs a different voltage. The output voltage is in proportion to the pressure variation, and then it is transmitted to standard output by adapter and amplifier.

Microsensor Corp MDM3051SAP Standard Specification

(Standard zero as the reference calibration range, Stainless steel

316L diaphragm, filling liquid is silicone oil)

Performance Specification

Reference Basic error for range calibration(including linearity, hysteresis, and repeatability from zero):

± 0.075%.If TD>10 (TD=Max.Pressure range/calibration range), the Basic error is ±(0.0075×TD)%The Basic error of square root output is 1.5 times of above reference Basic error.

Microsensor Corp MDM3051SAP Environmental Temperature Effect

Range code -20℃ ~65℃ total effect value
L ±(0.30×TD+0.20)%×Span
others ±(0.20×TD+0.10)%×Span
 Range code -40℃ ~-20℃ and 65℃ ~85℃ total effect value
L ±(0.30×TD+0.20)%×Span
others ±(0.20×TD+0.10)%×Span

Overpressure effect:±0.075%×Span;

Long-term stability

Range code Effect value
L ±0.2%×Span/1 year
others ±0.1%×Span/1 year

Power effect

±0.001% /10V (12V~42V DC),negligible.

Microsensor Corp MDM3051SAP Functional Specification

Pressure range and limits

range/limits bar


range 0.02~0.4
limits 0~0.4


range 0.025~2.5
limits 0~2.5


range 0.3~30
limits 0~30

Pressure range limit

The pressure is adjustable within the upper and lower limit, It is recommended to choose the range code with the lowest pressure range proportion to optimize the performance specification;

Zero setting

The zero and pressure range could be adjusted to any value within the measured range in the table, only the calibrated range ≥ Min. Range is valid;

Mounting position effect

The change of mounting position parallel to the diaphragm could not influence the zero drift. If the angle between mounting position and the diaphragm is over 90°, the zero drift is <2.5mbar for range C and <1.5mbar for other ranges which could be calibrated by zero settings. No other effect on pressure range;

Microsensor Corp MDM3051SAP Output

2- wire,4mA~20mA DC, HART communication protocol, linearity or square root output optional. Output signal limit: Imin=3.9mA, Imax=20.5mA;

Response time

The damping constant of amplifier parts is 0.1s, the time constant of the sensor is 0.1s~1.6s, which is depend on the pressure range and pressure range proportion. The additional adjustable time constant is 0.1s~60s;

Warm-up time

< 15s;

Environmental temperature

-40℃ ~85℃;

With LCD display and viton sealing ring, the temperature is -20℃ ~65℃ ;

Storage temperature/ transportation temperature

-50℃ ~85℃ ; with LCD display: -40℃ ~85℃;

Pressure limit

It is from vacuum to Max. Pressure range


Power and load condition

Power supply: 24V DC, R≤(Us-12V)/Imax(kΩ)


Max. Voltage supply: 42V DC;

Min. Voltage supply: 12V DC, 15V DC(Backlit LCD display);

Digital communication load resistance range:


Electrical Connection

M20×1.5 cable sealing buckle, terminals are suitable for (0.5~2.5)mm2 wire;

Process connection

Standard process connection: NPT 1/2 female, which can be transferred to NPT 1/2 male, G1/2 male, M20×1.5 male, and KF16 vacuum port, etc.

Physical Specification


Diaphragm: Stainless Steel 316L, Hast-alloy C Process Connection: Stainless steel 304 Filling liquid: silicone oil

Transmitter housing: Aluminum alloy material, epoxy resin glue spraying on the surface

Housing sealing ring: NBR Nameplate: Stainless steel 304


1.6kg (not including LCD display, mounting support, and process connection);

Housing protection


Download Datasheet: MDM3051S-AP, Microsensorcorp-Intelligent Pressure Transmitter

Ref: Microsensorcorp.com

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