Microsensor Corp MDM4760 Differential Pressure Transmitter

Microsensor Corp MDM4760 Differential Pressure Transmitter is a new-developed digital intelligent transmitter with high accuracy & good stability and can provide prompt measurement and displaying with the update of measured differential pressure.

The transmitter adopts the latest research results of the special wide temperature LCD display and digital technology in the sensor manufacture industry, combining with the most advantaged production technologies of piezoresistive pressure/differential pressure transmitters, precise digital temperature compensation and non-linearity modification technology to ensure the high accuracy and good stability of pressure measurement.

The transmitter strictly conforms to the ISO9000 international quality production system, could be used for the precise measurement of flowing pressure in various industries.

Microsensor corp MDM4760 Features

  • Precise digital temperature compensation, wider compensation range;
  • Optional data display(and min. measure value, percentage and output current display);
  • Special wider temperature LCD indicator(-30℃ ~80℃ );
  • 2-wire 4mA~20mA DC current loop output;
  • RS485 communication protocol;
  • No power calibration, range shrinking, factory value restoring available;
  • Compact size,max.diameter only 76mm;
  • Indicator rounded clockwise or unclockwise 90°,all kinds of interfaces available;
  • Battery power supply

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Measure range 0bar~0.35bar…35bar
+Overpressure 2 times FS
-overpressure FS
Max.static pressure ≤200bar
Total Accuracy ① ±0.25%FS
Stability ±0.2%FS/YEAR
Compensated Temp. -10℃ ~70℃
Working Temp. -30℃ ~80℃
Storage Temp. -40℃ ~85℃
Power Supply 8V~28V DC or Battery supply
Output signal Standard analog 4mA~20mA DC,2-wire; digital RS485 interface
Battery supply with RS485 output digital RS485 interface
RS485 interface ASCII agreement or MODBUS RTU, BUS with 99 transmitters
Load Resistance (Ω) (U-8V)/0.02A, U is power voltage(standard)
Display Range -19999~19999 LCD Display
Insulation 50V, 100M
Shock 20g, 20Hz~5000Hz
Impact 20g, 11ms
Protection IP65
Weight ~420g
Housing stainless steel
Diaphragm stainless steel 316L
O-Ring Viton


  1. Battery-powered products have no output of 4mA~20mA DC;
  2. The measurement range of the flush diaphragm type transmitter is 0 ~ 7bar…350bar.
  3. The battery is 3.6V lithium battery module;
  4. For special requirements, please contact us and specify them in the

Download Datasheet: MDM4760, Microsensorcorp-Differential Pressure Transmitter

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