Microsensorcorp MPM4530 High temperature Pressure Transmitter

Microsensorcorp MPM4530 transmitter uses a high-temperature pressure sensor as a sensing element. The media is transferred onto the sensor through heating cooling parts, and high accuracy amplified circuit board is in a stainless steel housing, transmitting sensor signal into the standard output signal.

The whole product is produced through components making, semi-finished product, and all-finished product strict testing and aging, having stable and reliable performance.

The transmitter is widely used for high and low measurement and control of food, medicine, power station, engineering, automobile, ship manufacture, petroleum, metallurgy, steam and heat exchanging, aviation, spaceflight, and scientific research and laboratory instrument, etc.

Microsensorcorp MPM4530 Features

  • Fully welded sensor with pressure port; protection IP65;
  • Stainless steel contacting with media, good corrosive resistance;
  • High, low, and common temperature measurement, good long-term stability;
  • Good anti-impact, anti-shock ability;
  • Wider operation temperature range

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Pressure range

-0.1MPa…0MPa~0.01MPa…160MPa(G) 0MPa~0.025MPa…60MPa(A)
Overpressure 200%FS or 150MPa(min.value is valid)
Media liquid or gas which is compatible with stainless steel
Power supply 10~30VDC, suggested 24VDC
Output signal 4~20mADC 2-wire
Load RL≤((U-10)/0.02)(Ω)
Accuracy ±0.25%FS, ±0.5%FS(including non-lin., rep. and hys.)
Thermal error ≤±0.025%FS/℃ (@25℃ )
Long-term stability ≤±0.5%FS/year
Endurance 106 pressure cycles
Environment temp -40℃ ~+80℃
Media temp. -40℃ ~+150℃
Relative Humidity 0~90%RH
Protection IP65
Response frequency >1kHz
Insulation 100MΩ, 50VDC
Pressure port and housing stainless steel 1Cr18Ni9Ti
Wiring plug Hirschmann plug


  1. Please pay attention that the media should be compatible with contacted material;
  2. MSV type could provide gauge, absolute measure;
  3. If the user has a special requirement, please feel free to contact our

Download Datasheet: MPM4530, Microsensorcorp-High-temperature Pressure Transmitter

Ref: Microsensorcorp.com