Microsensorcorp MPM480 Pressure Transmitter

Microsensorcorp MPM480 transmitter uses a piezoresistive OEM pressure sensor with isolated stainless steel diaphragm as a signal sensing element, through automatic testing, laser trimming compensating zero and sensitivity in wider temperature range; the amplifier circuit is in a stainless steel housing, transforming sensor signal into the standard output signal.

Through strict component making, semi-finished product, and all-finished product testing and aging, the transmitter is stable and reliable, having excellent flexibility, sensitivity, and diversity. The product is widely used for pressure measures and control of petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, power station, and hydrology, etc.

Microsensorcorp MPM480 Features

  • Wider pressure range
  • Full stainless steel construction; optional pressure port; flush diaphragm type, sanitation type and anti-corrosive type are available; protection IP65
  • Optional output signal; local calibration and displayable
  • Reversed-polarity, transient current & voltage protection, which conform to EMI standard
  • Intrinsic safe ex-proof version conforming to GB3836.4 Exia Ⅱ CT6 Ga Regulation; Ex-proof Certificate is issued
  • EXD product conforming to GB3836.2 Exd Ⅱ CT6 Gb Regulation; EXD Certificate is issued
  • Ship-use product conforming to CCS Rules of Classification of Sea-going Steel Ships(2018); Ship-use Certificate is issued
  • CE and RoHS Certificates
  • National patent, patent No.: ZL002 26957.0

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  • Pressure range: -1bar…0bar~ 1bar…1000bar
  • Overpressure: 1.5 times FS or 1100bar( value is valid)
  • Pressure type: gauge, absolute or sealed gauge
  • Accuracy: 0.25%FS(); 0.5%FS(max.)
  • Long-term stability: 2%FS/year
  • Zero temp. drift: 0.03%FS/℃ (≤1bar); 02%FS/℃ (>1bar)
  • FS temp. drift: 0.03%FS/℃ (≤1bar); 0.02%FS/℃ (>1bar)
  • Operation temp.: -30℃ ~80℃ ; -10℃ ~70℃ (Cable); -10℃ ~60℃ (Exia); -20℃ ~60℃ (EXD)
  • Storage temp.: -40℃ ~120℃ ; -20℃ ~85℃ (Cable)
  • Power supply: 15V~28V DC (This case through the safety grid power supply)
  • Output signal: 4mA ~20mA DC; 0mA~10/20mA DC; 0/1V~5/10V DC
  • Transmitting: 2-wire 3-wire                 3-wire
  • Load: ≤(U-15)/0.02Ω       ≤(U-15)/0.02Ω         >100k
  • Protection: IP65
  • Electric connection: Plug connection or 1.5m cable connection
  • Housing: stainless steel 304
  • Diaphragm: stainless steel 316L
  • O-ring: Viton
  • Rubber casing: NBR


  1. Please pay attention that the media should be compatible with contacting material;
  2. Please pay attention to the transmitter with LCD or LED, the power supply of the transmitter should not be less than 20V DC;
  3. When users choose LED digital indicator (M6), environment temperature range for transmitter:-20℃ ~ 70℃; for LCD digital indicator (M7), Range:-10℃ ~60℃. Table head Settings refer to our company table head selection, which can be obtained from our website;
  4. The measurement range of flush membrane (PC1, PC3) transmitters is 0bar ~ 7bar…350bar;
  5. If ordering products need a metrological verification certificate or other special requirements, please contact us and indicate in the

Download Datasheet: MPM480, Microsensorcorp-Pressure Transmitter

Ref: Microsensorcorp.com

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