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About Shaw Moisture Meters

Their extensive range of dewpoint meters, hygrometers, and moisture analyzers have been specifically designed to meet the most demanding requirements specified by the industry. On an individual user level, our products are designed to be reliable, easy to install, and simple to operate. That’s why we can supply all our products with a generous warranty that guarantees reliability and performance.

The SHAW guarantee is complimented by our commitment to deliver an exemplary service every time. We go above and beyond to ensure we build a professional relationship that continues for years to come.

Shaw Moisture Meters was established in Bradford in 1960. This pioneering business was the brainchild of Leonard Shaw and the culmination of years of specialist study, industry knowledge, and a chance meeting. Mr. Shaw always had a passion for engineering and from opening his first shop repairing radio receivers he became a specialist in his field. After enlisting in the RAF as a radio engineer, he went on to study advanced electronics before putting his skills to work making electronic instruments, including control and measuring instruments.

But it was a chance meeting with a Bradford mill owner complaining about the cost of wool due to its moisture content that led Mr. Shaw to specialize in moisture measurement. The rest is history, with over 60 models of moisture meters being manufactured for different industries. Today, Shaw Moisture Meters continues to take Mr. Shaw’s legacy forward through continual process of research, design, and technological innovation.

The Products of Shaw Moisture Meters

Whatever your dewpoint measurement application, Shaw Moisture Meters design and manufacture moisture measurement equipment that will meet your requirements. Made to exacting specifications, our user-friendly range of dew point products includes portable dewpoint meters, inline dewpoint hygrometers, trace moisture analysers, dewpoint sensors, and dewpoint transmitters. All are suitable for the toughest industrial applications. Click one of the links below to find out more about our extensive range of products and what we have to offer.

Portable Dewpoint Meters and Hygrometers

All Shaw Moisture Meters portable dewpoint meters and hygrometers are fully self-contained. Combining robust construction and advanced electronics to ensure that they consistently provide accurate and repeatable results for the operator.

Shaw Moisture Meters
Portable Dewpoint Meters and Hygrometers

This user-friendly range of portable dewpoint meters and hygrometers incorporates the unique desiccant dry-down chamber assembly and AutoCal function. The desiccant dry-down assembly enables the operator to obtain instantaneous readings in either field or laboratory situations.

AutoCal is the unique function, designed by Shaw Moisture Meters, allowing the operator to maintain good working order of their dew point instrument between annual laboratory calibrations. Perform AutoCal in situ without the need for any special equipment or training. Reduce downtime, minimize calibration costs and obtain immediate verification of the system.

Designed for continuous use or rapid spot checks, with in excess of 150 hours of battery life. Combining robust construction and high-quality manufacture with full after-sales support. This range of portable dew point meters is fully interchangeable with the range of SHAW dewpoint sensors and guaranteed to provide long and reliable service.

All SHAW portable dewpoint meters and hygrometers are supplied, ready for use, with a Certificate of Calibration traceable to National & International Humidity Standards, two meters of sampling hose, pressure calculator, screwdriver, hex key (depending on the model) and detailed operating instructions.

Handheld Dewpoint Meter

Combining high quality and robust construction, Shaw Moisture Meters handheld, portable dew point meters provide long and reliable service. The SDHmini range of instruments is available as standard, logging, and intrinsically safe, all with CE and UKCA approvals.

Providing state-of-the-art features and enhancements with the additional support of USB and Bluetooth interfaces for communicating with PC. Our unique AutoCal feature and desiccant dry-down technology allow for rapid, easy, and reliable means of carrying out trace moisture content measurement of gases and compressed air.

Within this range, the SDHmini-Ex portable dew point meter is certified intrinsically safe to ATEX, IECEx, and UL standards. The perfect tool for dew point measurement in hazardous areas. Robust and lightweight, this intrinsically safe, handheld dew point meter is suitable for use in the toughest environments. Offering quick and reliable spot-check measurements of trace moisture in industrial applications.

Inline Moisture Analyzers

Trace moisture analyzers from Shaw Moisture Meters, combine robust construction and advanced electronics. This combination meets the demands of a wide range of applications, requiring continuous trace moisture analysis at a single sample point. Shaw Moisture Meters provides trace moisture analyzers that ensure the provision of accuracy throughout a long and reliable service life.

Shaw Moisture Meters
Inline Moisture Analyzers

Our inline moisture analyzers are compatible for use with the full range of dedicated SHAW dew point sensors. SHAW sensors encompass an impressive overall range of -100 °C to +20 °C (-148 °F to +68 °F) dew point, 0.01 to 23,000 ppm(v). Our dew point transmitters encompass an overall range of -120 °C to +20 °C (-184 °F to +68 °F) dew point.

The range of trace moisture analyzers utilizes various cabinet types. From compact panel mount to robust weatherproof or bench mount. These dew point analyzers include a power supply, electrical output, and indication options. Dew point systems, which are tailored to meet your exact requirements. Whatever your application, we guarantee our trace moisture analyzers will not be beaten for long-term reliability and accuracy.

Dewpoint Sensor

When purchasing a SHAW dew point sensor, you are buying into over 60 years of proven technical experience. The aluminum oxide sensing technology, used to measure trace moisture in dry compressed air and process gases, is a great example of why you can always put your trust in Shaw Moisture Meters.

Shaw Moisture Meters
Dewpoint Sensor

The good quality construction of the aluminum oxide sensor is critical to the performance and reliability of systems in the field. However, the construction varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. Shaw Moisture Meters employs tried, tested, and trusted methods. Methods that involve layering and treating high-quality components in order to control sensor speed, sensitivity, and base capacity.

Shaw Moisture Meters manufactures the sensor base layer with a high level of precision. This precision produces a stable, reliable, and drift-free sensor for trace moisture. Our continuous research and development have enabled the manufacture of uniform and water vapour-specific pores, ensuring a rapid and predictable response. The overall measurement range covered by the dew point sensor is –100 °C to +20 °C (-148 °F to +68 °F) dew point, which corresponds to 0.001 ppm to 0.2 percent by volume.

Dewpoint Transmitter

AcuDew is the latest addition to the range of dewpoint transmitters from Shaw Moisture Meters. Incorporating the SHAW moisture sensing technology and advanced electronics.

Shaw Moisture Meters
Dewpoint Transmitter

This 2-wire, loop-powered transmitter, with linear 4-20 mA signal, transmits to a control system of distances up to 1,000 metres (3,280 feet) without any loss of signal. The dew point range of the AcuDew covers an overall dew point of -120 °C to +20 °C (-184 °F to +68 °F). Various dewpoint ranges are available within this span and color-coded accordingly for easy reference.

Configure the output unit to your choice of selectable engineering unit. A quick and simple process. Choose from °C dewpoint, °F dewpoint, ppm(v), ppb(v), g/m³ and lb/MMSCF. Shaw Moisture Meters will configure your transmitter in their calibration laboratory.

The AcuDew provides a protection rating of IP66 (NEMA 4X). Manufactured using robust stainless-steel construction methods and tested to withstand 35,000kPA (350bar) maximum pressure. The transmitter utilizes a cable with a secure 5-pin M12 connector. The specially selected connector and cable reduce the time required for installation and maintenance of wiring systems.

This dewpoint transmitter incorporates the AutoCal function as standard. Thereby, allowing users to check the span of the instrument and correct any deviation between annual laboratory calibrations.

The AcuDew is fully compatible with the newest range of single-channel displays. Choose from the AcuLoop, AcuVu and AcuTrak. The AcuLoop plug-in signal indicator is suitable for local display. The panel mount AcuVu with 4-20 mA retransmission includes fully programmable alarms. The panel mount AcuTrak incorporates additional onboard pressure dew point calculations and RS485 communications.

The AcuDew dew point transmitter is also suitable for use with various sample systems such as the existing SU4 sample system and SWS sample system. Shaw Moisture Meters designs a standard range of sample systems to cater to most applications. However, if your requirements vary, our technical team is happy to advise and custom-design a system specifically for your application. Easy to install, easy to operate. The reliable and accurate AcuDew dewpoint transmitter requires little or no maintenance.

Sample Systems for Process Air or Gas Analysis

What is a sample system?

Shaw Moisture Meters sample systems are solutions for extracting and analyzing a representative sample of the process air or gas, which is then either vented off to the atmosphere or returned back into the process line. The SHAW dew point sample systems are designed to provide ideal sampling conditions for dewpoint measurement.

Shaw Moisture Meters
Sample Systems for Process Air or Gas Analysis

These sample systems have been developed through many years of experience in industrial and process applications and all dew point sample systems are constructed using high-quality components. Utilizing the unique SHAW Dewpoint Sensor technology to ensure long-term reliability in the harshest environments. All SHAW sample systems are suitable for the SHAW range of portable dewpoint meters, moisture analyzers, and dewpoint hygrometers.

Designing a sample system

The standard range of sample systems has been designed to cater to most applications, however, if your particular requirements are not met by any of these shown, our engineers are happy to advise and custom design a system specifically for your application.


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