Blue-White chemical metering pumps

Blue-White Industries is a leading manufacturer of chemical metering pumps (diaphragm, peristaltic), flowmeters (variable-area, paddlewheel, ultrasonic), and water treatment accessories.

All About Blue-White Industries

Our extensive line of flowmeters is sure to meet any requirement you may have, At Blue-White, we pride ourselves on cutting-edge technology, quality materials of construction, and excellent customer service since 1957. Blue-White Industries are continuing our innovative approach: simplifying the chemical metering and fluid measuring process to give users peace of mind and invent new technologies that will expand our abilities, community, and world.

Our worldwide network of factory authorized representatives, distributors, dealers, and warranty centers look forward to serving you.

The Products of Blue-White Industries

Blue-White Industries Products

Metering Pumps

Provide accurate and quiet delivery of a wide range of liquid chemicals for a variety of applications.

Peristaltic Pumps

Blue-White Industries peristaltic and diaphragm chemical metering pumps designed to safely feed chemicals in highly accurate, reproducible applications. (Loss of prime can lead to unplanned downtime.)

Diaphragm Pumps

Diaphragm pumps offered by Blue-White Industries are designed for precision chemical metering against high pressures. Blue-White’s CHEM-FEED® Diaphragm Pumps reliably feed chemicals in high-pressure applications with minimal downtime.

Skid Systems

CHEM-FEED® Engineered Skid Systems were designed and engineered using solid modeling tools for superior piping installation and easy component maintenance. Custom engineered universal mounting blocks provide for easy component servicing and replacement.

Available in single, duplex, and triplex models, our CHEM-FEED Skid Systems come fully assembled for easy installation.

Flow Meters

Flow rate measurement is a critical parameter in many applications.  Blue-White manufactures quality flow meters designed to measure the amount of fluid passing through them accurately, ensuring fluid control processes run smoothly, safely, and cost-effectively.

Ultrasonic Flow Meter

Blue-White’s ultrasonic chemicalflow meters accurately measure liquid chemical feed with flow rate readings as low as 10 mL/min.

Variable Area Flow Meter

Accurate flow rate measurement is critical to ensuring fluid control processes run efficiently. Blue-White’s direct-reading flow meters provide an accurate, safe, and economical method of measuring flow.

Available in polysulfone and acrylic models, our direct-reading flow meters provide an economical and accurate method of measuring flow.

Paddlewheel Flow Meter

Blue-White’s digital paddlewheel flow meters provide an accurate, safe, and economical method of measuring flow. Digital paddlewheel flow meters offer a pipe size range of 3/8” to 12”. Functions include rate, total, analog output, bath processing, and flow rate alarm.

Source: Blue-White Industries

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