Simtech Process Systems

Spanning three decades of experience, Simtech Process Systems has steadily grown from a founding partnership to an industry-leading manufacturer of thermoplastic products and systems used in the control, containment and transport of corrosive fluids, corrosive fumes and high-purity water.

Simtech serves a large and diverse customer base in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, semi-conductor, chemical processing, pulp and paper, water/wastewater, life sciences, OEM and other industrial marketplaces. We understand what it takes to deliver on demanding customer requirements across a wide range of application areas.

From your initial inquiry, submission of engineering data, to technical support and field training of installers, Simtech is with you every step of the way. Our mission is to be your sole supplier of thermoplastic solutions committed to the complete success of your next corrosion resistant, high purity water or industrial HVAC project.

From our inception, we have worked hard to differentiate ourselves from other companies by delivering on these simple promises:

  • Be accessible and available to answer questions and help you succeed.
  • Treat every job as a uniquely engineered system.
  • Provide superior material and fusion technologies and expertise.
  • Support proper installation with tools, equipment and training.
  • Deliver personalized customer service.
  • At its core, Simtech is an accessible, responsive team of plastics experts who are committed to applying their experience and access to cutting edge technologies to the solution of your fluid and air-handling challenges.

Simtech Process Systems Products

Simtech Process Systems Products
Simtech Process Systems Products

Controls and Instrumentation

Simtech now offers a full line of state-of-the-art system controls and instrumentation to regulate, measure and monitor thermoplastic piping systems. Our new line of gauges, meters, sensors, valves and controls compliments our comprehensive offerings of high purity and industrial piping systems, valves and automation. Tap our expertise in providing complete systems and solutions for high purity and

Pressure Relief

Corrosion-resistant thermoplastic relief valves for upstream protection of your valuable system components from over or under-pressurization and pressure spikes.

Pressure Regulation

Simtech offers a complete line of thermoplastic regulators for downstream control and protection of critical components from high pressure, low pressure and back pressure.

Pressure Measurement

Accurate pressure measurement is critical to the proper functioning of many high purity and industrial piping systems and fluid storage equipment. Precise monitoring of pipeline and tank pressure and temperature is now easy with Simtech’s line of single and multi-parameter sensors, gauges and unified displays.

Flow Control

Simtech flow metering and control instruments can be used for a wide variety of industrial piping applications. All our instruments are carefully calibrated with narrow tolerances for optimal accuracy. We offer variable area meters flow meters (a.k.a. rotameters), sensors and switches for flow ranges from 3 – 50,000 l/hr with the industry’s widest selection of materials and connection types.

Level Control & Measurement

The demands of industry require a variety of liquid level measurement and control methods. Simtech offers a variety of highly corrosion-resistant thermoplastic level sensor types and switches engineered to perform reliably regardless of storage vessel size or shape, pressure or temperature conditions, and the characteristics of stored medium (fluid).

Chemical Injection

Our new water jet pump is used for blending, mixing, dosing or transporting liquids and gasses. The self-priming WJP device works by the venturi principle and has a 1mm nozzle bore standard. This is a space-saving device with no moving parts for very low maintenance and extended service life. The WJP delivers reliable consistent mixing effects even with very aggressive fluids.

Valves & Automation

Your piping system is only as good as the valves that control it. Tap our expertise to ensure that your system’s valves and controls are its strongest element – not its weakest link. We make finding exactly the right valve for your application easy by offering the widest variety of thermoplastic:

Plastic Ball, Butterfly, Diaphragm, & Check Valves

Simtech offers the broadest range of manual valves for industry in terms of valve types, size ranges, body materials, sealing materials (elastomers) and end connections.

Automated Plastic Valves

Simtech has the applications experience and customization capabilities to simplify even the most complex automation challenges. From bare actuators and simple quarter-turn packages to computer-controlled smart actuators, our level of value automation expertise is second to none.

High Purity, Chemical & Double Containment Piping Systems

Engineered thermoplastics outperform stainless steel in many industrial applications. Many engineers and installers are familiar primarily with the properties of stainless steel and other metals. We can educate all types of professionals on the clear advantages of using thermoplastics:

High Purity Polypropylene & Kynar® 740 PVDF Piping Systems

Simtech high purity piping is available in two outstanding low-maintenance stress-relieved systems: AlphaPlus® Polypropylene piping and Kynar® 740 PVDF piping in sizes from ½ up to 8″. These resin technologies are vastly superior to other high purity piping materials.

Chemical Piping Systems

Simtech offers several outstanding, stress-relieved single-wall chemical piping systems to handle a wide range of industrial pressure piping and environmental containment applications.

Dual Laminate Piping Systems

Now there is an alternative to stainless steel, lined steel and expensive alloys that outperforms, outlasts and cost less to install. Simtech ArmorTech™ piping systems combine the chemical resistance of thermoplastics with the mechanical strength of fiberglass for a superior alternative to traditional dual laminate and plastic lined piping systems.

Double Wall Piping Systems

Since 1984, Simtech’s ContainTech™ (formerly DoubleQuik) has been the most reliable double-containment system on the market.

Welding Equipment

Simtech offers a selection of both manual and hydraulic fusion equipment for socket, butt, IR, hot-air and extrusion welding of thermoplastics. You can benefit from our expertise gained from decades of experience using welding equipment in our own custom fabrication shop and training installers in the field.

Joint integrity is a critical element to the safety and durability of any piping or duct system. We carefully select only the highest quality tools and equipment that perform quality welds reliably and safely. We will listen carefully to your needs and will recommend the exact machine and accessories needed for you to complete your job right and on-schedule.

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