Vermont Gage Metalworking Industry

Vermont Gage Metalworking Industry was through manufacturing knock-out pins, ejector pins, perforators, special punches and virtually any precision round and ground pins used by a variety of cutting tool blank users.

About Vermont Gage Metalworking Industry

Since the inception, VPT has expanded its product offering to also include core rods and medical burr blanks. We now service over 1,500 customers.

With our experience in precision grinding VPT created a Gage division to manufacture a wide range of gage pins and sets. Vermont Gage was formed in 1980.  In 1989, the gage line expanded to include all classes of tolerances. Additionally, we have expanded the types of gages offered to our customers by adding taperlock gages, ring gages, and thread ring gages.

In 2000, we opened our thread manufacturing division in a state of the art manufacturing facility in Franklin, Kentucky.   We have expanded this operation a number of times as the demand for our thread product has risen year over year.

Vermont Gage’s success has been built on quality products, competitive price and delivery, technical expertise and exceptional customer service.

Vermont Gage Is a Fully Responsible Manufacturer

  • We are active in National Trade Associations and National Standards committees (ANSI, ISA & AMTMA).
  • Quality, safety and value are inherent in the manufacture of all our products.
  • Materials and processes are monitored and all products are inspected for conformance to established quality standards.
  • Vermont Gage is ‘ISO 17025’ accredited.
  • Vermont Precision Tools, Inc. is ‘ISO 9001’ certified.
  • Vermont Gage has adopted the measurement dispute resolution methods endorsed by the AMTMA
  • A continuous program of product development and improvement is sustained to provide the capability to meet future needs of our customers

The Products of Vermont Gage Metalworking Industry

Standard Pin Gages & Sets

Vermont Gage stocks Class ZZ gages in both Steel and Black Guard. The Class X gage pins are stocked in both the Plus and Minus direction of tolerance in .0001″ increments.


General Gage Attributes:

  • Material:  Steel (60/65 Rc), Chrome (70/72 Rc) & Carbide (90/92 Ra)
  • Tolerances: Class XX, X, Y, Z & ZZ
  • Blanks: per ASME B47.1
  • Certifications: Certificate of Accuracy (included). Calibration Certificates Accredited to ISO 17025 or Non-Accredited, available.
  • Custom Marking Available
  • Custom Gages quoted upon request

Thread Gages

Working Thread Plug, Thread Ring and Thread Setting Plug Gages are manufactured to inspect the Pitch Diameter and the Functional Thread. Thread gages are used to ensure the assembly of mating parts. Unified Inch standard gages are manufactured per ASME B1.2. M Series Metric thread gages are manufactured per ASME B1.16M. Standard thread gages are made to a Class X tolerance. Gages may be purchased individually or as assemblies. Plug gage assemblies are marked with the thread size, class of fit and pitch diameters. Pipe Gages per ASME B1.20.1, ASME B1.20.5 and Hole Location gages stocked. ACME, Buttress, STI and gages for other custom thread forms are also available.

Measuring Wires

Thread Measuring Wires

Vermont Gage manufactures a full line of Thread Measuring Wires. Thread Measuring Wires are used to measure the simple pitch diameter of externally threaded parts or to calibrate thread plug gages.

  • Standard Inch, Metric, & Acme sizes by pitch or T.P.I. are available from stock
  • Wires for Buttress and other thread forms and custom sizes are available
  • Wires are provided in Individual pitch 3 wire sets or multiple size sets in cases

Gear Measuring Wires

Gear Measuring Wires are a quick & economical method to measure the Tooth Thickness of Gears at the Pitch Diameter. Gear Measuring Wires are supplied in 2 wire sets. Special 3 wire sets & sizes may be quoted upon request.

  • Wires up to .825” diameters are matched sets w/in .000010”.
  • Diameter tolerance : +/- .000010”
  • Roundness w/in .000010”
  • Surface finish : 2rms or better
  • Over all length : 2”
  • Material – Oil hardened tool steel or high speed steel
  • Meets or exceeds Former Federal Specification GGG-W-366b.

Hex Gages

Vermont gage manufactures a full line of inch & Metric Hex plug gages

  • Gages to check Hex Socket head Cap Screws per ASME B18.3 standard
  • Gages to check Hex Wrench openings per ASME B107.17 standard
  • We also manufacture Custom Hex, Square and Rectangular plug gages

Long Length Gages

Custom Long Length Reversible Gages

Cylindrical plug gages are available in three design styles:

  • Class XX, X, Y, Z or ZZ
  • Direction of Tolerance:
    • Go: Plus
    • NoGo: Minus
    • Master: Bilateral
  • Diameter Range: .0151″ – 1.0100″ (See Chart Below)
  • Up to 9″ OAL made from Tool Steel, 60/65 Rc
  • Over 9″ OAL made from HSS, 62/65 Rc
  • Depth Notches Available
  • Certifications:
    • Cert of Accuracy included.
    • ISO 17025 Accredited Certs & Non-Accredited Certs may be purchased.

Step Gages

Step gages may be used as a progressive gage where the Go diameter is the step and the NoGo diameters is the larger diameter. They are also used as alignment pins.

  •  Class ZZ (.0002″ or 0.005mm tolerance) or Class Z (.0001″ or 0.005mm tolerance)
  • Go (Plus) or NoGo (Minus)
  • Tool Steel; 60/65 Rc
  • 2″ Long
  • 10 microinch finish or better
  • Round within .0001″ or 0.0025mm
  • Marked with diameter and direction of tolerance on gages over .0605
  • Certificate of Accuracy is included.
  • ISO 17025 Accredited and Non-Accredited Calibration Certificates may be purchased.

Gage Modifications

Vermont Gage manufactures a wide variety of custom gages. The can be as simple as adding a special radius, chamfer or depth notch, to complete custom gages and sets designed to inspect specific features of your product.

Calibration Services

We offer calibration of all gages that we manufacture. Our lab is accredited to ISO 17025 through A2LA. If your gages do not require ISO 17025 accredited certifications or the feature to be calibrated is outside our scope, we can provide a non-accredited cert at a reduced cost.

HSS Blanks

Standard HSS Jobber Drill & Reamer Blanks

  • Drill sizes have minus tolerance
  • Reamer sizes have plus tolerance
  • All blanks are jobbers length in High Speed Tool Steel 62/65 Rc
  • Inch blanks provided in number, letter & fractional sizes
  • Metric blanks provided in standard sizes
  • Available as individual blanks or in sets including drill index case

Custom Drill, Reamer & Tool Blanks

  • HSS Long length drill blanks available in 6”, 12”, 24” & 36” length
  • Cobalt standard length jobber drill blanks available for severe service
  • Custom size blanks from .0311” – 1.000” diameter with lengths up to 18”


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