Delta Elektrogas Combustion Safety and Control

Delta Elektrogas, Planning the future is a continuous and neverending  activity. The study of innovative solutions and the application of new technologies make it possible for continuous improvement of the complete range of products and, in many cases, an increase of their performance.

The experimentation of the new technical solutions and the very stringent reliability tests which every new product is subjected to, guarantee the safety and the quality of all products introduced into the market.

The accumulation of experience and knowhow achieved through many years of activity are always the starting point for every new project. The best ideas are always born from the factors of experience and technological innovation.

Delta Elektrogas Safety and Quality

The awareness that the total quality depends on every single aspect, has focussed our attention to implementing the strict control procedures, to guarantee the conformity of every single component, to the project’s requirements.

This approach has been made possible due to continuous investments in the renewal of the Production Equipment and the Testing and Measuring systems.

Delta Elektrogas Quality System has been accredited to the international standard ISO 9001 and our Products approved by the relevant International Certification Bodies. These are the final guarantees of a high quality standard. Always, the quality of the final product and/or the supplied service will be of paramount importance to us.

Automation and Flexibility

The automation of the production and the assembly lines have been planned following a “Just in Time” philosophy, permitting Delta-Elektrogas to follow a global and flexible Management of the complete production system. In this way it has been possible to answer in a very short time the Diverse and Specific requirements of the product.

The use of highly advanced machines and specialised equipment, together with the employees’ expertise, are essential requirements to execute high precision machining which is subjected to very strict dimensional tolerances.

The staff training and their interchange ability are the starting point for an efficient and flexible production system.

Delta Elektrogas Product

  • Automatic Safety Valves
  • Manual Reset Safety Valves
  • Control Valves
  • Gas Regulation
  • Valve Proving Systems
  • Filtering
  • Gas Trains
  • Accessories

Delta Pumps Product

  • A-AD Alumunium Pumps
  • VU Universal Pumps
  • VM-VD Pumps
  • Shut off Valves
  • Custom-made Products
  • Gas Regulation

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