EBRO ARMATUREN – Industrial Valves, Actuators and Automation Technology

EBRO ARMATUREN, headquartered in Hagen, Germany, is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of industrial valves, actuators and automation technology.

About Ebro Armaturen

With our international network of production plants, subsidiaries and representatives we are always close to the customer. Excellent expertise combined with high-quality products makes us an internationally acknowledged partner of the machine and plant engineering sector.

As an owner-managed family business we stand for quick decision-making, high individual responsibility, continuity and sustainable investments in research and development. We offer customized solutions for almost every individual application. By developing and producing our own actuators, we can guarantee an optimal matching with the valves. Furthermore, we are able to react flexibly and quickly to special market requirements for offering individually developed solutions to our clients.

Under the umbrella of the Bröer Group our product range is broadened by high-class knife gate valves produced by our Swedish subsidiary Stafsjö Valves AB, one of the leading suppliers in this sector. Worldwide more than 1000 employees in 28 countries stand behind the Bröer Group. In the 2019 financial year a turnover of 177 million euros was generated.

The Products of Ebro Armaturen

Ebro Armaturen broad range of products includes valves, actuators and automation technology. their able to offer customized solutions for almost every industrial application. Due to our own production line of actuators and automation technology, the valves can always be equipped with the optimal fitting actuator. This is how an excellent matching of both components is guaranteed, which reduces the energy demand.

Ebro Armaturen Products
Ebro Armaturen Products

Series production is our business – the development of customized solutions for special applications is our passion. When a standard valve does not comply with the requirements, we develop a suitable solution in close cooperation with our customer.

Resilient Seated Valves

Thanks to their design and material diversity, centrally mounted, resilient seated shut-off and control valves are almost universally usable. Whether the medium is water, powder or gas – with a broad range of materials, we can offer you the optimal solution for your application.

PTFE Valves

PTFE-lined shut-off and control valves are designed for use in chemically aggressive leaches and acids. The minimum 3 mm thick lining comprising virgin PTFE ensures optimal permeation protection. In conjunction with the double shaft seal, this series offers maximum operational safety, even with corrosive and toxic media.

High Performance Valves

High operating pressures and extreme temperatures – wherever other valves reach their physical limits, this series is the ideal solution. The double eccentric design of the valve disc, high-quality materials and outstanding workmanship ensure safety even in extreme conditions of use. Different sealing systems enable an optimal solution for the respective field of application.

Actuator Technology

Something not many people know: EBRO produces its own actuators – and has been doing so for 30 years. For EBRO customers this means that butterfly and gate valves can always be equipped with the most suitable actuator. No compromises, just the best possible match of components – this is what the EBRO actuator series stands for.Pneumatic actuators, single or double acting, have been proven for decades. However, industrial process air is expensive. Energy efficiency is therefore the topic of the day. As a manufacturer of valves and actuators, EBRO can specifically match single product components according to customer requirements and within the scope of operating conditions, thus substantially reducing regular operating costs.

Special Applications

Series production is our business – the development of customised solutions for special applications is our passion. For more than 40 years we have been developing tailor-made solutions in close collaboration with our customers, for challenging fields of application that simply require more than a standardised valve product. This has resulted in countless variations. Many of them have been developed to series production, others are manufactured in small batches for select applications. We can only show the tip of the iceberg here. Challenge us!

Knife Gate Valves

Our sister company in Sweden Stafsjö Valves develop and manufacture high performance shut-off valves for pulp lines in pulp and paper mills, mineral processing and tailing systems in the mining industry, waste/effluent water/sludge handling for utilities and industries, ash handling at power stations and many others.

Check valves

Check valves in intermediate flange design with one piece connecting element or as a double wing check valve – metal or elastic sealant. Minor pressure loss and low opening pressure. The installation takes place between flanges pursuant to DIN / ANSI in horizontal or vertical piping systems.

Control elements

Automated valves play a central role in process technology: they regulate flow rates, lock product flows and release pipes. The challenge is the fact that the valve and actuator perfectly harmonize with each other. The automation technology simplifies complex systems, ensures a lower error rate and thus speeds up work.

The Application of Ebro Armaturen Products

Whether liquid, powder or gas – if chemically aggressive, abrasive or corrosive – we offer a suitable solution for any application. In chemical process engineering, plant engineering in the food and beverage industry or abrasive bulk materials – valves and actuators from EBRO are always the first choice when quality and reliability are primary selection criteria.

Type and application-specific approvals by independent classification societies grant security in relation to resistance of materials used or the suitability of the complete unit for your application.

Water & Waste Water

Whether during the transport or treatment of municipal or industrial wastewater, or during the production and treatment of drinking water – valves and actuator technology by EBRO are uncompromisingly made for these applications.

The range covers butterfly and check valves as well as knife gate valves for the use with very dirty fluids. All used materials – from the body over elastomers to the smallest screw – comply with the rules of the DVGW and are accordingly admitted. Hence valves by EBRO make their contribution to the preservation of water quality from the abstraction to the delivery for the end user.


Quality and reliability are the most important facts when plant engineers have to choose the components for power stations. Not matter if nuclear or fossil-fuelled, or when used in plants for renewable energy – shut-off and control valves by EBRO are first choice when quality and life cycle costing are the selection criteria.

Different type series ensure that there is always a fitting solution for every application. If it is boiler feed water, condensate, cooling water or coolants – EBRO offers a reliable valve to fully meet the demands.

Bulk Solids

Applications in the bulk solids sector make high demands to the components which are mounted in the plant. On the one hand for sensitive fluids like milk powder or tea leaves the gentle product handling is of paramount importance. On the other hand high abrasive fluids like quartz sand or porcelain slurry make the highest demands to the abrasion resistance of the used materials.

For almost all applications EBRO offers a broad range of valves and actuators which are laid up unconditionally for the particular application. Impeller valves and inflatable liners for sensitive products, abrasion-resistant materials like the special coating of polyurethane for abrasive fluids and vibrating valve discs for the prevention of adhesion – We offer the solution for your application.

Food & Beverages

When planning equipment for the food – and beverage industry, the gentle handling of the subsidized products is a top priority. The selected components have to meet this requirement by being designed in a way that they do not destroy the product and may not introduce contaminants into the duct system.

EBRO valves and actuators are consistently designed according to these specifications and are safely applicable to processes with critical products. Butterfly valves of the series “Inflas” are designed and equipped with a sealing system which is pressed to the disc after the closing operation. This way, the grinding or crushing of the feed-through products is effectively prevented.

Chemical Industry

When engineers design plants for process technology in the chemical industry, the safety for humans and environment is of the highest interest.

This is why the companies in the chemical industry have created a common specification for valves in the critical applications. The PAS (Public available specification) 1085 specifies the delivery conditions for valves, regulating units and process control modules which are used in the chemical industry. ERBO has developped a special valve series which fulfills the safety gurdelines and quality standards of this specifaction.

Pulp & Paper

No matter if it is steam, oil, chemicals or rejects, no matter if liquid or viscous, we are able to offer a valve solution for every application in the pulp and paper industry.

With a sophisticated program including Knife Gate-, Butterfly-, Ball- and Sector Valves equipped with tailored actuators and automation technology you will always find a solution to solve the tasks in your application.

Transport & Haulage

Whether on the road, on railways or on the high seas – every day million tons of different products are carried from A to B. EBRO valves and actuators fulfill important functions in different means of transport since more than four decades. Whether in the outlet of silo trucksin the filter system of pools on cruise ships or in the ballast system of tankers- valves and actuators of Ebro are always first choice when quality and reliability are the selection criteria.

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