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Fluidyne Control Systems was conceived from the dream of a few enthusiastic engineers led by Mr. Shivdas Menon, a brilliant technocrat. We are a precision liquid management system manufacturer headquartered in Pune, India.

About Fluidyne Control Systems

Established in 1989, we are leaders in turnkey liquid management solutions for large infrastructure projects in the areas of fluid measurement, fluid control and industrial dispensers. We design and manufacture Diesel Flowmeters, Industrial Oil Dispensers, Chemicals & Solvent flow and level measurement & control equipment.

Our customers currently include top brands in automotive instrumentation, industrial automation, building management systems, information technology, pharmaceuticals, and chemical manufacturing companies.

The Products of Fluidyne Control Systems

Acid Flowmeter

High accuracy, high repeatability acid flowmeters that use the positive displacement measurement principle. This acid flowmeter can be used for organic and inorganic acids most commonly being nitric acid flowmeter, hydrochloric acid flowmeter, sulphuric acid flowmeter, and many more. The acid flowmeter uses highly durable alloys and inert plastics in piston materials enabling long life and sturdy operation.

Fluidyne Control Systems
Acid Flow Meter

The use of dangerous and corrosive acids across industries spans over a hundred years. It is important for enterprises to maintain worker safety during every process. This is why, the corrosive acids are maintained separately from the other machinery and monitored. And for this, Fluidyne’s acid flowmeter is an extremely valuable instrument.

Regardless of why the acid is employed, too much or too little flowing into a process can be harmful. Industries and factories have to ensure the precise volume of acid is being utilized at all times, and that there is no shift in the flow. The monitoring of acid flow is why businesses invest in a flow meter.

To monitor the differential pressure and regulate the flow accurately, the flowmeters need a corrosion-free surface that does not hinder the flow— the surface of Fluidyne’s acid-resistant flowmeter eliminates corrosion, and an unobstructed and continuous flow path is sustained. The usage of Hastelloy, stainless steel 316L, and durable plastic pistons ensures that the life of the acid flowmeter is maintained even in harsh operating conditions.

The Configuration of Acid-resistant Flowmeters

Flow meters to measure the flow of strong hot corrosive acids like sulfuric acid and hydrochloric acid have always been a challenge. The combination of acid-resistant tantalum surfaces with high-performance flow meters solves this problem and creates the most corrosion-resistant flow meters available to the industry.

By stopping the corrosion of critical surfaces in differential flow meters, sensitive measurements can be obtained and made reliable. The acid-resistant flowmeters provided by Fluidyne are explicitly built for monitoring acid flow, as regular meters couldn’t survive sulfuric and hydrochloric acids. They are the most corrosion-resistant meters available in the industry.


  • Unobstructed flow without moving parts
  • No added pressure drop
  • Typically flow profile insensitive, just short inlet and outlet parts needed
  • Unchanged by shifts in temperature, viscosity, density, concentration, as well as electrical conductivity
  • A convenient choice for chemically corrosive or abrasive measuring liquids
  • Unaffected by contamination and coatings and low maintenance
  • A linear correlation between flow rate and measured variable


Acid flowmeters are advised for application along with acids or chemically aggressive liquids. Titanium dioxide is a compound used in the making of paints, certain plastics, cosmetics, etc., and is treated either with chlorine or sulfates.

Hydrofluoric acid is an aggressive chemical used in creating Teflon. Acid flowmeters used along with this highly corrosive liquid must be lined with specialty plastics like in our flowmeters. Fluidyne supplies acid-resistant flow meters to regulate the flow of strong corrosive acids like sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, and nitric acid while also measuring weak organic acids like acetic acid, formic acid, etc.

Oscillating Piston Flowmeter

The oscillating piston flowmeter is the underlying principle of our PD flowmeters. The PD meter consists of a measurement chamber or flow tube in which a piston made of highly durable and inert plastic is housed.

Fluidyne Control Systems
Oscillating Piston Flowmeter

The chamber is of a known volume and one revolution of the piston from mean position means a sweep of known cyclic volume. Therefore, when there is no flow in the line, the piston is stationary. When liquid begins flowing, the piston displaces liquid from inlet to outlet with a constant cyclic volume per position. This revolution is read by an electronic transducer which converts mechanical motion to electric signal. Consequently the k factor or calibration factor is also unique for different sizes of meters. The k factor is essentially a correlation between cyclic volume and electric signal.


  • The installation can occur in both horizontal and vertical positions. It can even be set at an inclination. It offers bidirectional flow measurement and is ideal for all flow directions without it affecting the flowmeter’s accuracy.
  • Straight pipe lengths before and after the flowmeter are not necessary at all. The meter can be installed before or after adjusting elements of the flow.
  • Complete Stainless Steel 304-grade construction to ensure reliability in harsh operating conditions
  • The Rotary piston flow meter is not particularly sensitive to differences in viscosity. So it is suitable for applications where the temperature might not always be constant.
  • The rotary piston flow meter is also not sensitive to changes in pipe flow rates. A turndown of 20:1 is also taken by the meter very well and accuracy does not suffer.
  • Under standard working conditions, it exhibits a long working life. It will not be necessary to regularly replace any part, but if needed, the replacement operation is easy, and it can be done within a few minutes.


  • The rotary piston flow meter accommodates several viscous fluids (paint, resin, ink). The meter can be utilized for oil metering where the turn down is not critical. It can be used inside an automatic liquid batching system.
  • The best use of a rotary piston flow meter is in clean liquids like white oils. Petrol, Diesel and kerosene offer excellent lubricating characteristics which is perfect for oscillating piston flowmeter.
  • They are highly suitable for food and beverage applications like honey or chocolate.
  • The meters are applicable during all types of industrial processes. Oscillating piston flowmeters are widely utilized in the chemical and petrochemical industries.
  • They are used for tank filling and batching applications, measurement of steam condensates in boilers, and fuel consumption measurement, among many others.

Diesel Flow Meter

Fluidyne-made diesel flowmeters are exactly what you need when it comes to accurate consumption or dispensing of diesel. Built on the time-tested positive displacement principle using an oscillating piston design, the Fluidyne flowmeter combines accurate and repeatable flow sensing along with safety by the usage of certified electronics flameproof enclosure.

Fluidyne Control Systems
Diesel Flow Meter

In the oil industry, measuring the flow of liquids and gases is vital during each phase of exploration, production and transportation. These applications require the highest diesel meter accuracy, reliability, and long-term stability, along with a low cost of ownership.

As diesel flowmeter manufacturers in India, Fluidyne’s innovation and superior quality in flow monitoring and control have stood the test of time. We offer an extensive product range for several operations, including PD flowmeters and their applications such as dispensers, precision batching systems, high-accuracy tanker unloading and loading systems, engine consumption meters, and more.

The Configuration of Diesel Flowmeter

Fluidyne-made flowmeters are precisely what you need when it comes to accurate consumption or dispensing of diesel. It is built on the time-tested positive displacement principle using an oscillating piston design. This equipment made by the best diesel flow meter manufacturers in India combines accurate and repeatable flow sensing and safety by the usage of certified electronics flameproof and weatherproof enclosures.

This flowmeter records data readings in non-volatile memory that validate the aggregate flow on a display. Customers can also opt for a remote display option in diesel flow meter products. The internal moving part is protected with seals which ensure that liquid in the flow tube is measured before reaching the outlet.

Digital fuel flow meters can be attached to clean and non-corrosive liquids such as diesel, including marine diesel and high-speed diesel HSD. Commonly best connected for processes where high precision is needed at a reasonable cost.

The Benefits of Using Flowmeter for stock measurement in Diesel Tanks

  • For assured quality control, the liquid is monitored with a flowmeter and controlled accordingly to stabilize the flow.
  • Flow control using a diesel flow meter with a pump enables both predictive maintenance and more reliable device protection.
  • Flow control allows the prevention of deterioration in quality and stops malfunctions caused by improper cooling.
  • These Flow Meters can measure exactly how much liquid was transferred into a tank and this enables the conservation of expensive fuels and minimizes wastage.


As Diesel flowmeter manufacturers in India, we offer a precision-engineered series of flowmeters, specifically designed to meet our clients’ requirements. A diesel flowmeter is extensively used in oil flow measurement in industrial areas such as oil production, oil refining, commerce, oil storage, etc. Made using high-quality material, the flowmeter is very economical and highly reliable. Our clients highly appreciate us for our unique features. As a diesel flowmeter manufacturer, we supply our ranges of flowmeters in various configurations and specifications.

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