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About Piusi Fluid Handling

PIUSI is a leading player in the global fluid handling sector, with a complete range of products for fluid transferring and management: the Italian quality and engineering at the service of private operators in agriculture, the automotive industry, workshops and garages, fleet management, road and sea transport worldwide since 1953.

In 1953, Franco Varini founded O.M.A.A (Italian acronym for Mechanical Workshop for Agricultural Applications): PIUSI is born. Since then, strictly related to its name – PIUSI: MANY-USES (più-usi) – the Company has developed its core business of pump manufacturing applying its know-how and engineering competence to different fluids; starting from fuels up to lubricants and – more recently – DEF/AdBlue®.

In the Eighties, a diversification was introduced: besides pumps, PIUSI started the production of some related products such as flow meters and nozzles. The global player was starting to enhance its leadership. In the nineties, many iconic PIUSI products were engineered: the CUBE dispenser, the K500 preset nozzle meter, the EASY OIL nozzle for oil, and the grease nozzle meter GREASTER. The NEW MILLENNIUM is the era of DEF/AdBlue® and of the Fleet Management Systems SSM 2.0, SSM2018, and the Oil Monitoring System MCO 2.0.

Their supply the world’s leading markets with top-quality, professional, and easy-to-use products and complete solutions for transferring, refilling, and measuring lubricants, fuels, and liquids such as gasoline, diesel, Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF), AdBlue®, oil, water, and grease. PIUSI products have many different uses such as monitoring and transferring fuel at trucking companies, refueling agricultural vehicles, and transferring fuels in construction and mining for heavy-duty vehicles.

The products are intuitive and easy to use; are suitable to be installed in a variety of contexts; are all Made entirely in Italy; and all products express the innovation, quality, professionalism, and R&D that have always distinguished PIUSI.

The Products of Piusi Fluid Handling


PIUSI offers a complete, professional range of solutions for the non-commercial transferring of liquids and dispensing of fuel. Our AC/DC diesel transfer pumps, diesel dispensers, flow meters, and diesel fuel filters satisfy the most stringent regulations regarding safety as well as the highest quality standards. The quality is recognized by international institutions that attest to the high degree of reliability of the production processes.

PIUSI Fluid Handling
B.SMART Fuel Monitor

Extend the power of B.SMART with additional components for complete management of your fleet! With the B.SMART Fuel Economy add-on, you can now completely manage and increase the profitability of your fleet:

  • INTEGRATED FLEET MANAGEMENT: implement savings and optimization strategies.
  • CONSUMPTIONS MANAGEMENT: limit fuel usage per vehicle/driver and/or time thus increasing the profitability of your fleet.
  • FLEET MANAGEMENT & LIMITS: spot unexpected fuel consumptions by vehicle or driver.
  • ON-ROAD REFUELLINGS MANAGEMENT: add, check, and manage the on-road refuelings.


PIUSI offers a range of professional products for fluid handling applications in workshops. The range includes engine oil suction pumps, oil filtering equipment, oil transfer pumps, digital flow meters for oil and grease, and oil and grease drum pumps.

PIUSI Fluid Handling
Amalfi 5 Lubrication

Amalfi AC or Amalfi 5 is a PIUSI water transfer pump, available in the AC version. The Amalfi AC water transfer pump is particularly suitable for all those conditions in which it is necessary to transfer water from a drum.

Practical and Simple

Thanks to its simplicity of use, the Amalfi AC electric pump is suitable for the transfer of fresh and salt water and is used mainly in the marine sector. The Amalfi AC electric pump is self-priming with a flexible impeller and is characterized by a body made entirely of polypropylene and a chamber completely covered in stainless steel, with a rubber impeller and stainless steel shaft that makes it durable.

Main Features

Amalfi AC is a very versatile water transfer pump that offers the advantage of being able to transfer liquids containing small impurities, without any risk of damage. Dry running is not recommended for proper use of Amalfi AC. The Amalfi AC self-priming pump has a high degree of suction, which can compromise the proper function of the product in case of a vacuum, with blocks and damages. The pump must not run dry. The Amalfi AC water transfer pump is the perfect transfer system if you are looking for a quality and reliable product in any working conditions.

AdBlue®/Other fluids

With over 40.000 pumps and transfer equipment for AdBlue®/DEF installed throughout Europe, PIUSI is helping companies and government bodies to reduce NOx emissions. PIUSI offers a comprehensive range of transfer equipment and dispensers for AdBlue®, including pumps, flow meters, nozzles, and all the necessary accessories for Urea transfer units.

PIUSI Fluid Handling
K24 – AdBlue Version

The K24 Urea is easy to install, in line or at the end of the delivery hose, it is provided with a compact easy readable display. It is possible to apply the meter directly on the nozzle. Users can quickly substitute the 2 batteries. The display can be rotated in 4 different positions. Impulse type signals: single channel, reed switch. Electronic card with LCD display: 5-digit partial total from 0.1 to 99999, 6-digit total from 1 to 999999. The resettable total is available. Flow rate indication.


Type of output signal: raw signal (reed switch), single channel. Max 28 V Ac/dc 100 mAmp.

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