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About Transus Instruments

Transus Instruments is a company dedicated to designing, engineering, and manufacturing flow metering solutions based on ultrasonic technology. Transus Instruments was founded by senior engineers in 2012, with a mission to revolutionize the ultrasonic gas flow metering technology.

With over a century of combined industry experience, the founding principals identified deficiencies in the existing ultrasonic flow metering market and left senior positions at other leading companies to create something completely new.

In pursuing their vision to lead the world in the development of accurate, efficient, and robust ultrasonic metering products, the Transus Instruments team has addressed the complex nexus of harsh application metering, environmental sustainability, user experience, and significantly reducing the cost of ownership to customers.

Transus Instruments now offer four iterations of their ground-breaking UIM Series Flowmeters; the UIM-1/UIM-2 for flare gas, vent gas, fuel gas, process gas, and biogas, the UIM-3 for precise and reliable flow measurement in harsh environments, the UIM-4F for custody transfer measurements with four paths for accuracy and reliability, and the UIM-4F Duo for enhanced condition monitoring and/or redundancy.

Transus Instruments are proud to offer high accuracy, low power, and low cost intrinsically safe products. Utilizing patented Broadband Continuous Wave© signal processing technology and high-efficiency titanium transducers, Transus Instruments UIM Series of products are able to provide reliable and precise flow measurements in even the most extreme applications. The UIM-4F meets AGA-9 and OIMLR 137 (class 0.5) international standards for custody transfer metering.

Transus Instruments has Research and Development facilities in the Netherlands, Belgium, the United States of America, and Australia. Its primary manufacturing facility is located in the Netherlands.

The Transus Instruments Products

UIM Series Ultrasonic Gas Flow Meters

Precise flow measurement even in the most extreme applications, It has been tested to meet the international standards for custody transfer metering including AGA-9 and OIML R137 (class 0.5). Integration of the flow across the paths provides accurate measurement even with varying flow profiles caused by changes in flow velocity, gas composition, and pressure or upstream pipe configuration.

Transus Instruments - UIM Series
Transus Instruments – UIM Series

Fast response is maintained by the simultaneous transmission on more than one path using Broadband Continuous Wave processing. The measured flow profile provides a diagnostic tool. Should one path fail, the Path Substitution Algorithm uses historical flow data to continue reliable flow measurements until the path recovers.

Main Features UIM Series

Flow Computer

Transus Instruments in partnership with GGS has developed a seamless interface to the GGS model SFC3000 Flow Computer. In combination with the SFC3000, the condition of the meter and its application can be monitored remotely. Using the web interface of the SFC3000, the metering system can be accessed remotely on any PC or even mobile phone. User-friendly screens have been developed to enable quick and easy monitoring of the system. Hourly, daily, and weekly averages of diagnostics can be compared to known good conditions, to enable early detection of possible drift or indication of potential problems.

Harsh Environment –

The UIM Series epoxy-coated aluminum alloy electronic housing, rated to IP66 and NEMA 4X, is designed to be used outdoors in almost any environment. A stainless steel version of the electronic housing is also available, suitable for offshore installations. The ultrasonic sensors have all titanium wetted surfaces and are designed for process gas temperatures from -30°C (-22°F) to 80 °C (+176°F).

Pressure & Temperature

For applications requiring integrated volume conversion, the UIM Series flowmeter is capable of interfacing directly with pressure and temperature sensors. The standard volume flow is calculated using the traditional volume conversion equations using fixed parameters for gas composition.

Intrinsically Safe

The UIM Series are Intrinsically Safe (ATEX/IECEx Intrinsically safe for zone 0). Installation is simple and economical as no special precautions are required for wiring and housing. The versatile keypad and display can be accessed in a hazardous area without special precautions, so start-up and diagnostic monitoring are quick and simple. Field wiring may also be accessed without the need to shut down the meter and lose measurement data. The low energy levels inherent in Intrinsically safe design result in low operating power (<<1 watt), making the UIM Series ideal for solar or battery power applications.

Difficult Applications

The titanium ultrasonic sensors are remarkably efficient and coupled with Broadband Continuous Wave processing can reliably measure the most challenging applications such as wet and dirty gases, varying gas compositions, and attenuating gases. The combination of efficient transducers and Broadband Continuous Wave processing is also resistant to noise.

Accurate and Fast Response

The UIM Series have three or four paths as standard. This results in a stable, accurate flow reading over the full range of flow, pressures, and gas composition. The Broadband Continuous Wave signal processing allows more than one path to be interrogated simultaneously avoiding the slow response that is the hallmark of other multi-path meters.

Versatile I/O

The UIM Series comes standard with the Pulse/Frequency output and a USB port for commissioning and field service. Optional I/O Boards can provide an isolated RS485 and two additional isolated Pulse-Frequency outputs and 4-20mA/HART.

Simplified Design

With only a single circuit board having all circuits on board, the UIM Series is extremely simple by design. The two optional expansion boards are fitted directly on the main board. International Approvals The UIM Series complies with IECEx as well as ATEX and CSA requirements for intrinsic safety. Metrological approvals include MID-2014/32/EU, OIML R137-1&2 (class 0.5) certification and AGA-9 compliance. See the respective data sheets for a full list of certifications and approvals.

Ultrasonic UIM series Gas Flow Meter Model

Transus UIM-1 and UIM-2 Ultrasonic gas Flowmeters

The UIM-1/UIM-2 for flare gas, vent gas, fuel gas, process gas and biogas.

  • Typical applications Flare Gas, Vent Gas, Fuel Gas, Boil off gas, Process Gas, Bio Gas
  • Measurement parameters Velocity measurements, Actual volumetric flowrate, Standard of Normal volumetric flowrate, Mass flow calculation, Molecular weight calculation, Suitable for varying gas compositior, High turndown ratic, Custom design options
  • Configurations Single or Dual direct path orientation
  • Orientation Horizontal of vertical
  • Path Layout Diameter or Top mount 90° for large pipes

Transus UIM-3 and 3F Ultrasonic gas Flowmeters

The UIM-3/3F for Industrial Metering – fiscal accuracy at economical cost. UIM-3 and UIM-3F for Precise and Reliable Flow Measurement in Harsh Environments

Today there is an increasing need to monitor emissions and improve energy efficiency in order to meet new environmental and economic challenges. These gases are usually dirty and wet and they can con tain corrosive gases and liquids. Until now, there have been no sui table flowmeters for many of these applications. The new UIM-3/3F ultrasonic flowmeters use patented Broadband Continuous Wave© signal processing and high efficiency titanium transducers to provi de reliable and precise flow measurement even in the most extreme applications.

Transus UIM-4F Ultrasonic gas Flowmeters

The UIM-4F for custody Transfer metering of natural gas and other gases.

UIM-4F for Custody Transfer Measurement Four Paths for Enhanced Accuracy and Reliability

The UIM-4F has four paths as standard. It has been tested to meet the international standards for custody transfer metering including AGA-9 and OIML R137 (class 0.5). Integration of the flow across the paths provides accurate measurement even with varying flow profiles caused by changes in flow velocity, gas com position and pressure or upstream pipe configuration. Fast response is maintained by the simultaneous transmission on more than one path using Broadband Continuous Wave processing. The measured flow profile provides a diagnostic tool. Should one path fail, the Path Substitution Algorithm uses historical flow data to continue reliable flow measurements until the path recovers or remedial action is taken.

Transus UIM-4F DUO Ultrasonic gas Flowmeters

Two independent accurate fiscal flow measurements in a single flowmeter body.

For Custody Transfer Measurement with Enhanced Condition-based Maintenance Capabilities

The UIM-4F Duo consists of two fully independent systems. The main measurement is done by the UIM-4F four path part. The three path system provides a secondary measurement and uses enhanced diagnostics to enable the user to perform condition-based maintenance. In addition, the UIM-4F Duo provides a wealth of information on the condition of the complete metering system.

Traditional setups utilise a secondary measurement with single or dual paths, usually resulting in an overly sensitive system causing false indications of potential application problems such as fouling, flow conditioner blockages etc. By using a three path secondary measurement, which is less sensitive to slight profile changes, the UIM-4F Duo provides the diagnostics needed to detect potential issues.

The UIM-4F Duo path layouts are significantly different as the paths are oriented at different chord locations. Therefore, common mode errors are not present as both meters respond differently to profile

Package Solutions

Assembled Metering System

Pre-assembled, tested, painted, and calibrated metering lines, including flow conditioner, up- and downstream piping Transus Instruments UIM-4 path Ultrasonic gas meter, pressure- and temperature transmitter.

2 additional flanged connections are foreseen for an eventual vent, sample probe installation or as requested additional temperature indicator.

  • Flow conditioner
  • 10 D calibrated upstream piping
  • 4 Path Ultrasonic Flowmeter
  • 5 D downstream piping including Pressure & temperature transmitter

Equipped Control Cabinet

In today’s world, even the simplest systems require at least some degree of electronic logic control and monitoring. At Transus we design, build, test and install Station Control Systems, usually as an integral part of a turnkey metering system but also as separate systems to complement existing Installations.

The Control Unit is usually situated in the Operations Control Centre and contains the Flow Computer cabinet with its flow computers, station controllers, and all the necessary communications and IT equipment required for the collection of data, analysis, diagnostics, and transparent transfer of information.

Assembled Gas Quality System

Quality, Analyzer and Sampling systems
All high accuracy metering requires representative quality measurement by sampling and analysis. Careful integration of this measurement into the metering systems as a whole is key to accuracy whether it is “stand alone” or mounted into the metering package itself.

Transus designs and builds sampling, analyzers and quality measurements systems to suit your specific metering application.
If you want to know which technology is best suited for any particular case, transus will provide you with support in selecting and installing the system.

Diagnostic Software

The UIM Series flowmeters provide extensive diagnostic information both on the graphic display screen and remotely via the Transus Instrument Manager TIMCare™ PC interface. Flow information and diagnostics may be logged over time to show trending and enable real-time condition monitoring.

The velocity profile is a function of the upstream pipework. By calculating velocity ratios between the ultrasonic paths, a good indication of the flow profile is realized.

The flowmeter calculates Profile and Symmetry Factors which can be used for condition monitoring of the measurement and the gas flow. In addition, the UIM Series flowmeter provides diagnostics for turbulence by means of the standard deviation of the instantaneous path velocity measurements.


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