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About Sure Controls

Sure Controls are committed to partnering with you to solve the challenges you currently face within your manufacturing facility. Our One Sure Team of Experts is here to listen to your needs, design the right solutions, and deliver industrial automation solutions that meet your requirements.

For over 30 years Sure Controls has been providing successful automation solutions servicing various industries. They include plastics, flexible packaging, paper production & conversion, metal converting, printing, food processing, medical, and electronics. They provide North American manufacturing companies with automation products and services in thermal & fluid processes, web handling, robotics, and plant intelligence.

  • Web Handling – Sure Controls will work with your company to design, build and maintain optimal-control systems.
  • Robotics – Sure Controls offers quick ROI and quick changeover. We provide a fully integrated solution that addresses your issue.
  • Plant Intelligence – Sure Controls provides both product and expertise when it comes to integrating plant intelligence solutions.
  • Thermal and Fluid – Sure Controls is your go-to place for pressure transducers, infrared non-contact sensors, load cells, thermocouples / RTDs, and transmitters.
  • Safety – Sure controls are at the forefront of factory automation and plant safety. From light curtains to E-Stop, we can have you covered.

The Products of Sure Controls

Manufacturing companies across the globe are under constant pressure to improve efficiency and productivity while maintaining high levels of quality control. Sure Controls provides a range of automation products that can help businesses to achieve these goals.

Sure Controls - Products
Sure Controls – Products

Web Handling & Converting

Sure Controls assists all facets of web handling machinery and control systems, including cutting, welding, laminating, and casting. We have the expertise and products to reconfigure and upgrade your manufacturing equipment to improve operations and expand your capabilities.

Thermal and Process Control Systems

Sure Controls supplies industrial heaters, sensors, thermocouples, and other temperature and process control systems for manufacturers that rely on precise temperatures for operations. Manufacturers deserve thermal and process control systems that are reliable, energy-efficient, and easy to use.

Industrial Heaters

At Sure Controls, we work with no fewer than 9 Heater companies. The products we can offer you include Ceramic heaters, Infrared heaters, band heaters, cast aluminum heaters, high-velocity air heaters, and cartridge heaters – including split sheath and tubular heaters.

Sensors and Thermocouples

Sure Controls is your go-to place for Pressure transducers, infrared non-contact sensors, load cells, thermocouples / RTDs, and transmitters.


To stay competitive, manufacturers must always look for new technologies to give them an edge. As a leading robotics supplier, Sure Controls offers collaborative and micro-automation solutions that can give you that advantage. Our customers benefit from our robotics products and experience by gaining increased productivity, reduced costs, and improved safety.

Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 solutions are increasingly popular among manufacturers to improve plant health and yield. The specialists at Sure Controls can assist you in implementing automated manufacturing data solutions so your business can access real-time production data. You can use key data, like actual production costs, to make critically informed business decisions.

Motion Controls

Motion controls are a staple in manufacturers focused on automating tasks and improving efficiency. When selecting motion controls, businesses should consider factors such as the required speed and accuracy of the motion, the weight and size of the load, the type of motion, the environment, and the power source. Sure Controls focuses on developing innovative solutions with the latest technology for each of our customers.


At Sure Controls, safety is our top priority. We understand that factory automation can be a dangerous process, and we are committed to providing products that help keep workers safe. Our range of sensors, machine vision systems, measuring instruments, barcode readers, PLCs, and other factory automation products are designed to help factories run safely and efficiently.

Solution From Sure Controls

At Sure Controls, we provide manufacturing automation solutions that help our customers increase efficiency and reduce downtime. Our solutions are designed to work with a wide range of manufacturing equipment, and they can be customized to meet the specific needs of our customers.

Control Panel Design & Production

Sure Controls offers reliable and efficient control panel design and production solutions that are tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients. We take into account the size and scale of the business, as well as the nature of its operations, to create a control panel system that will help it to run smoothly and efficiently. Our control panel solutions feature clean highly organized layouts for efficiency and ease of troubleshooting.

Digital Manufacturing

Today, digital manufacturing is increasingly being used to streamline the manufacturing process. Sure Controls can help you implement automated manufacturing data solutions to help businesses manage their manufacturing processes more effectively. Our solutions provide a central repository for all manufacturing data, which can be accessed by authorized users from any location. This enables businesses to track progress, identify bottlenecks, and make adjustments as needed.

System Integration Solutions

Sure Controls systems integration solutions help businesses by providing a complete end-to-end solution that can be customized to fit their specific needs. Our systems are designed to work together seamlessly, providing businesses with the ability to control all aspects of their operations from one centralized platform. This includes everything from inventory management and order tracking to financial reporting and customer relationship management. By integrating all of these systems, businesses can reduce costs, improve efficiency, and gain a competitive edge.

Sure Robotics

Our Sure Robotics solutions help our customers by providing a versatile and affordable solution for automating tasks. Sure Robotics specializes in the integration of electromechanical systems into work-in-process activities. We are your one-stop shop for designing, building, installing, and servicing all components of an electromechanical system, from the servos, actuators, and robotics that move the work to the control panels, user interface, and programming that govern the process.


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