Imtex valve actuator and Controls

Imtex Controls, established in 1990, headquartered in the UK, is a privately owned engineering design and manufacturing company.

General Information

Imtex Controls specialise in the production and supply of advanced, high integrity valve actuation, communication and control systems for the energy, marine and process industries.

Utilising many years of field application experience within the area of process valve control, Imtex will engineer and perfect technically advanced solutions to ensure that customers are supplied with the best automated valve product to suit their specific demands.

Imtex Controls specialise in valve position monitors, valve monitoring systems and valve positioners for automated valves.

Our product range can cater for a variety of situations and process industries, from hazardous environments through to general purpose manufacturing. We ensure that our products have a long service life and lower operating costs, meaning that the operating and service costs over the life of the product are minimal.

LCA Valve position monitor
LCA Valve position monitor

Imtex valve communication systems are designed to be safe, easy to install, use and maintain. Our systems comply with the applicable sections of the most demanding international electrical standards and to the requirements of the latest European Directives, covering functional safety and the environment.

Imtex Controls Product

Position Monitors

LCA – Valve Position Monitor

Type LCA position monitor is designed for direct mounting to ISO-NAMUR valve actuators in General Purpose applications, the Type LCA Monitor is a compact and robust, hard anodised aluminium enclosure with 2 independently settable mechanical switches.

It is the perfect solution for typical non-hazardous applications where cost and performance are critical considerations e.g. industries such as food and beverage, water and building automation.

SLR – Polycarbonate Valve Position Monitor

Type SLR engineered resin (polycarbonate) valve position monitor general purpose switch system that provides a competitive and technically superior solution for general purpose / non-hazardous applications.

The IP67 enclosure design comes with a unique quick access lockable cover allowing for reduced costs and space requirements whilst ensuring rugged reliability in the most testing environments.

Certified: Non-hazardous and ATEX / IECEx EX ia IIC T* Gb / Ex ia IIIC T*°C Db

Valve Controllers

Valvescan Type VSD CF8M (316) stainless steel

Our VSD valve controller is an integrated valve information device for Emergency Shutdown (ESD) valves.

Combining valve position monitoring, online performance monitoring and full stroke test (FST) or partial stroke test (PST) functionality, the VSD unit is an information hub for the ESD valve, enabling plant operators to verify the capabilities of the most critical valves in their installations without having to significantly modify existing operating methodologies IP.66/67 CF8M (316) stainless steel enclosure for superior corrosion protection and mechanical resistive properties.

  • Optional: CF3M (316L) stainless steel and coated, hard anodised aluminium
  • Certified: ATEX / IECEx Dual Certified Ex d (ia) IIC T4/6 flameproof for zone 1 & 2 hazardous areas

Valve Diagnostics

Valvescan™ Diagnostic Monitoring System

Imtex have been supplying valve monitoring and testing solutions that are easily implemented to both new and ageing assets, to enable operators to log data from shut down valves for over 5 years. These solutions enable operators to meet their HSE commitments and help improve operational efficiencies.

Imtex have now developed the Valvescan™ Diagnostic System – an end-to-end solution that captures data from every valve operation, analyses it and provides targeted alerts on the valve health without any requirement for involvement from plant personnel or any potential impact on the asset real-time control integrity. It is a true IIoT solution for automated valves.

Position Transmitters

Imtex Solid State Position Transmitters are available in a variety of mechanical platforms for use in all process industries and multiple hazardous and environmental locations.

Imtex transmitter systems offer the following standard features:

  • Solid State Technology – no mechanical elements in the transmitter feedback mechanism
  • Non-Contact Location Target – the transmitters use inductive feedback technology
  • Push Button Set Up – for local calibration in seconds
  • Fast Update Rates – 50ms
  • Analogue and Digital (HART) – allowing remote setup and diagnostics to be utilised
  • Fits into all Imtex mechanical platforms – AQ, IQ, SRA & SRX Enclosures
  • Available with optional Switches/Sensors
  • Certification to ATEX & IECEx Ex ia & Ex d


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