NTN Bearings

NTN Bearings headquartered in Osaka, Japan, NTN is a leading manufacturer of precision mechanical parts and components.

General Descriptions

Particularly in the world bearing market, NTN has the largest market share of hub bearings and the second largest of driveshafts.

As a quality leader in the industry, NTN products are selected by a number of world-class industrial customers for their products, ranging from automobile, railcar, construction machinery, jet plane, and to medical instrument. NTN products support the well-being of people around the world.

NTN is just a little more than a bearing manufacturer. NTN delivers sophisticated, highly value-added functional modules and system products developed by integrating its proprietary materials, engineering design, computerized control technology and bearing technology accumulated for over decades.

Further, with an intention to enter into a new market, renewable energy equipment and related products, NTN concluded an exclusive license* agreement with Global Energy Co., Ltd and Bellsion Co., Ltd. The agreement allows NTN to exclusively use their patented “Blades” design that enables more efficient use of renewable energy. Through combining newly acquired Blades technology and NTN’s traditional bearing technology, NTN attempts to generate new business opportunities by developing compact wind turbines and micro hydroelectric turbines.

NTN Bearings Product

  • Rolling Bearings
  • Sliding Bearing
  • Bearing Units
  • Plummer Blocks
  • Composite Material Clutches
  • Parts Feeders
  • Constant Velocity Joints (CVJ)
  • Auto Tensioners
  • Electric Motor and Actuator
  • EV System
  • Sensor Related Products
  • Condition Monitoring Systems (CMS)
  • Aftermarket Parts and Maintenance
  • Green Energy Products
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