Niton UK XRF and LIBS Analysers

Niton UK XRF and LIBS Analysers is the market leader for handheld XRF instruments. This leadership encompasses not only the number of instruments sold and market share but also significant market experience and expertise in the handheld XRF product range.

General Description

The company represents the Thermo Scientific Niton XRF products manufactured in the USA, although the UK business is independent and not a subsidiary. Thermo Scientific Niton products are very well respected for their quality, both in terms of their operation and their durability. The range is constantly being developed with new models being introduced, many of which have won innovation and design awards in recent years.

Niton UK is unique in being the only ISO registered company supplying such products. Therefore, customers can be confident in the quality of service and the consistency of support provided.

The business is also unique in having the only UK based service facility dedicated for handheld XRF instruments, so giving excellent turnaround times, competitive products having to be sent away for repair or re-calibration. To assist customers still further, the Company offers a preventative maintenance contract, which includes the loan of instruments, wherever possible, to assist clients while their own is in for repair or servicing.

In 2002 Niton LLC, based in Boston USA, introduced the world’s first ever handheld XRF instrument with a miniature X-ray tube source for alloy and environmental applications. Following its launch in the UK, Niton UK have recently sold the 1000th analyser and is now the # 1 supplier of portable XRF analysers in the UK.

NITON hand held XRF analysers provide users with rapid, reliable, non-destructive, on-site sample analysis. They are used for identification and analysis of metal alloys; compliance testing for RoHS, WEEE and ELV regulations; mineral exploration and mining; environmental site assessment, monitoring and clearance testing; lead-based paint testing; catalyst recycling; coating thickness testing; forensic analysis; and many other applications. Niton UK is committed to providing the highest performance, easiest to use, most economical handheld analysers in the world and to giving our customers tools that help them work more productively than ever before.

Niton UK XRF and LIBS Analysers Product

  • Niton XL2 Handheld XRF Analyser
  • Niton Xl3 Handheld Xrf Analyser
  • Niton XL5 Plus Handheld XRF Analyser
  • Niton DXL XRF Countertop Analyser
  • Niton Apollo Libs Analyser
  • Microphazir PC Handheld Plastics Analyser
  • Microphazir as Handheld Asbestos Analyser
  • Ionicx Portable XRF Analyser

Reference: Niton UK

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