NGK Spark Plug

NGK SPARK PLUG CO., LTD. established on October 26, 1936. Its headquarter office is located in Nagoya, Japan, and has several branch both domestically and worldwide.

General Description

Currently, a wide range of qualities are required to make motorization a reality – safety, comfort, convenience, and high environmental performance. In addition to boasting the world’s No.1 share of the spark plug market, NGK SPARK PLUG CO., LTD. has developed excellent eco-efficiency products. From here on, too, we will contribute to the new automobile society as sought after by the world through high technological strength and reliable quality.

Since our founding in 1936 as a manufacturer of spark plugs, the history of our company has been one of technological innovations. The technology and expertise we accumulate in product development processes are reinvested in new applications, enabling us to grow into new fields of business. The manufacturing spirit that was built around our core ceramics technology is the DNA of our company, passed on from generation to generation. We continue to nurture and develop new technologies, so that we will be able to build the businesses in the future.

NGK Spark Plug Products

Spark Plugs

Spark plugs electrically ignite the air-gasoline fuel mixture in internal combustion engines and other engines. NGK spark plugs help improve fuel consumption through their high ignition properties.

Glow Plugs

These products aid diesel engines when they are started up. Diesel engines are referred to as “compression ignition internal combustion engines.” Air sucked into these engines is compressed to high temperature to promote fuel ignite spontaneously.


To correspond stringent emission regulations

Waste Management

The total amount of waste generated in FY2019 increased 2.0% year on year to 21,874 tons, mainly due to an increase in waste from manufacturing processes related to preparation for expanded production of some products. On the other hand, the basic unit for the domestic group (with integrated certification) remained flat at 0.055 tons / 1 million yen. We will continue to improve our operational processes, in an effort to reduce waste and promote recycling.

We regularly visit our waste disposers to confirm that consigned waste materials are being processed in accordance with our agreement. In fiscal 2019, we visited 82 companies and confirmed that their waste was properly disposed

Ref: NGK Spare Plug

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