Nutork Actuator & Valves

Nutork Actuator & Valves manufactures a wide range of pneumatic actuators, electric actuators and the accessories of pneumatic actuator(limit switchbox, solenoid valve, manual override —etc.)

General Description

for quarter turn valves, offering reliable performance in the industries of Oil & Gas, Refining, Petrochemical, Chemical Processing, Food & Beverage, Pharmaceuticals, Pulp & Paper, HVAC, Power Plant, Waster-Water Treatment, etc.

In order to satisfy variety of requirements, we have applied for certificate authorities. All pneumatic actuators are certified by CE-ATEX, DNV and all electric actuator are certified by CE, SGS;

Our mission is to assist our customers in obtaining the best possible solutions to their requirements and needs, at the most advantageous prices, without compromising on delivery or quality. With this in mind, we believe in developing long terms relationships, based on mutual trust and honesty.

Nutork Actuator & Valves Products

Pneumatic Actuator

  • NK Series Rack & Pinion Type Pneumatic Actuator
  • NK Series Stainless Steel Pneumatic Actuator
  • NY Series Alu. Alloy Scotch Yoke Type Pneumatic Actuator
  • NSF Scotch Yoke Type Pneumatic Actuator
  • NSF-H Hydraulic Actuator

Electric Actuator

  • NTK-02EX Electric Actuator
  • NTE Series Electric Actuator
  • NTK Series Electric Actuator
  • 20S Series Miniature Motorized Ball Valve
  • NTQ Series Electric Actuator
  • NTQ-050 Electric Actuator
  • NTQ & SR Series Spring Return Electric Actuator
  • NTM Series Multi-Turn Electric
  • NTM Series Gearbox

Accessories for Pneumatic Actuator

  • SV Series Soleniod Valve
  • VSII Series Solenoid Valve
  • NTS Limit Switchbox
  • Alu.Alloy & 316SS Body,Manual Override
  • Cast Iron & Ductile Iron Body Manual Override
  • NT1000 EP Positioner
  • AFR30 Series Alu. Alloy Air Filter Regulator
  • AFSR30 Series Stainless Steel Air Filter Regulator
  • 67AFR Air Filter Regulator
  • Air Operated Valve
  • Quick Exhaust Valve
  • Integral Mounted SV+Air Operated Valve
  • Star Reducation Adaptor


  • Butterfly Valve(Concentric Type,Double Eccentric Type,Triple Offset Type)
  • EHV 6000PSI Ball Valve
  • Ball Valve(Floating),Ceramic(ZrO2) Lined
  • Floating Ball Valve
  • Trunnion Mounted Ball Valve
  • Ball Valve, ISO5211 Direct Mounted
  • Plastic Valve
  • Dual Plate Check Valve


Nutork has been obtaining many certificates for their product:

  • ISO9001 Certificate
  • NK,NKSS, NY&NSF Pneumatic actuator-ATEX Certificate
  • NK, NKSS, NY&NSF Pneumatic Actuator-SIL3 Certificate
  • NK&NSF Pneumatic Actuator – EAC Certificate TR CU 012
  • NTE&NTQ Elec. Actuator-SIL3 Certificate
  • NTE&NTQ&TCR Elec. Actuator-MD&EMC&LVD
  • NTE Elec. Actuator-TUV IP68(30M) test certificate
  • NTE-02EX Elec. Actuator-ExdIIBT6 Certificate
  • NTQ Elec. Actuator-TUV IP68(30M) test certificate
  • NTQ&ETM Elec. Actuator-ExdIIBT6 & ExdIICT6-ATEX Certificate
  • NTS Switchbox–SIL3 Certificate
  • NTS-CP Switchbox IP68 Certificate (50meter at 72 hrs) SGS
  • NTS-KP Switchbox IP68&ExdIIBT6 certificate,30M tested by TUV
  • NTS Switchbox – ExdIICT6 & ExiaIICT6-ATEX Certificate
  • NTS Switchbox – EAC Certificate TR CU 012
  • NTS&NK&SV&QEC&AOV Low Temperature -60℃ Test Report
  • NTS&SV Low Temperature -40℃ Test Report
  • Solenoid Valve-SIL3 Certificate
  • Solenoid Valve-ExdIICT6 & ExiaIICT6-ATEX Certificate
  • AFR30 Air Filter Regulator-EAC Certificate TR CU 010

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