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Oliver Valves Instrumentation operating under three companies for over 40 years, Oliver Valves, Oliver Valvetek, and Oliver Twinsafe have grown to become one of the world’s leading manufacturers of Instrumentation, Pipeline, and Subsea valves for the global energy sectors.

General Information

Specializing primarily in the Oil, Gas, and Petrochemical industries, the Oliver companies operate internationally across all regions, with sales teams strategically located to fulfill our mission of providing outstanding technical customer service, on-time deliveries, and continued Engineering innovation to all customers worldwide.

Oliver Valves, Oliver Valvetek, and Oliver Twinsafe are world leaders in the engineering and manufacturing of Instrumentation, Subsea, and Pipeline valves.

Recognised worldwide for superior quality and precision engineering, Oliver Valves products are renowned for reliability and consistent performance. With a wide global presence, our offices are located in all major oil and gas countries. We continuously work with existing and new clients to develop customised valve solutions of all sizes.

Our companies adopt a technical project approach, where necessary, to ensure that we are able to develop valves that adhere to the strictest quality and safety guidelines while fitting into our client’s existing project plans.

To date, Oliver Valves, Oliver Valvetek and Oliver Twinsafe have worked alongside some of the largest international Oil, Gas and Petrochemical projects in the world.

Oliver Valves Instrumentation Product

  • Instrumentation Valves
  • Subsea Valves
  • Pipeline Valves

Ref: valves.co.uk

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