Optek Measuring Process Liquids

For over 30 years, optek has focused on measuring process liquids through their interaction with light in facilities all over the world. Although global, optek remains a family-owned company with a team of more than 100 qualified, customer-oriented professionals.

General Information

Our confidence is born from experience. With the expertise of more than 30,000 installations worldwide, our value to the customer resides in providing a superior product that pays back. High quality materials withstand the toughest process conditions including aggressive media, high temperature, and high-pressure applications. Cleanability is ensured using high quality wetted materials, superior design, as well as sapphire optical windows.

As a global partner to various industries, optek offers the most advanced technologies including superior signal amplification, inline calibration support, PROFIBUS® PA, FOUNDATION Fieldbus™ and multilingual user interfaces for easy onsite operations.

Our support ensures long term satisfaction with programs such as “Speed-Parts” and “Swap Repair” to provide our customers sustainable operations and minimized downtime at the lowest cost of ownership.

Optek is the world’s leading manufacturer of inline photometric process instrumentation. With more than 30,000 installations in various applications and industries, our team provides the best in quality, consulting, support, and long-term performance, worldwide.

Optek Measuring Process Liquids Provides

  • Biotechnology
  • Chemical
  • Brewing
  • Food & Beverage
  • Petrochemical
  • Pulp & Paper

Optek’s unique modular design makes it possible to adapt high performance photometric and electro-chemical sensors to virtually any process. This flexibility applies to all sensor types making optek sensors suitable for real-time measurements independent of the application, process connection or measuring location.

Optek Measuring Process Liquids Product

  • Turbidity (High Range)
  • Turbidity (Low Range)
  • Turbidity (Haze Control)
  • Turbidity Probes
  • VIS / Color Sensors
  • VIS / Color Probes
  • UV Absorption
  • Specialized Systems
  • Conductivity & pH
  • Single Use Technology
  • Converters
  • Sensor Bodies
  • Accessories

References : www.optek.com


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