Penn Union Mechanical and Compression Connectors

Penn Union General Information

Penn Union Quality goes far beyond the reliability of Penn Union products. It extends to our ability to quickly identify and vet opportunities and design, manufacture, and deliver on-time competitively priced products that meet or exceed customer design and application specifications.

The quality of Penn Union’s products and services lies in our ISO 9001: 2015 registration. The registration ensures that the documentation and implementation of our Quality Management System is in compliance with the international quality standards as specified by the International Standards Organization in Geneva, Switzerland.

The standards cover every aspect of operations that affect product and service quality. Penn-Union is dedicated to improve the Quality Management System that supports our business on a continuous basis. Quality also encompasses the unique partnership Penn-Union enjoys with our customers, sales representatives, supply-chain partners, and associates – a partnership that has been nurtured for over 90 years.

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Penn Union is committed to the protection and preservation of the environment. It is our intent to be recognized by our customers, employees, community, ownership, and stockholders as a responsible business committed to continual improvement in environmental management in our business activities. To this end we shall:

  • Establish Objectives and Targets that consider environmental aspects as an integral part of our business decision-making process.
  • Strive to comply with applicable laws, regulations, permits, Penn-Union Corp. standards and other requirements to which we subscribe.
  • Develop employee knowledge and understanding of Environmental issues related to job functions.
  • Promote conservation of resources in design, manufacture and use of our products by reusing, recycling and adopting processes that conserve the use of raw materials, energy and water.
  • Promote pollution prevention by striving to reduce the generation of waste from existing and future operations.
  • Communicate the Environmental Policy to all employees and make it available to the public.

Implementation of this policy is a primary management objective and the responsibility of all employees.

Penn Union Capabilities

Our quality commitment begins with materials and processes used to manufacture our products. Major capital investments are made to ensure process capabilities. We continue to invest in our foundry operation. We utilize computer-controlled, automated molding equipment that allows for “quick change” of patterns which enables us to do short runs as well as long runs of cast copper and aluminum products, providing the same high degree of quality and process repeatability with no delay.

Mastery of cold-forming (extruding, upsetting, coining and piercing) technology allows Penn-Union to produce dimensionally consistent, high-strength products such as copper split bolts, copper press-ons and silicon bronze hardware, to name a few.

Our in-house machine & tool design expertise allow us to quickly introduce specialty production equipment, which combines a number of manufacturing operations to improve productivity and product quality. Penn-Union utilizes computer-controlled machine centers.

Penn Union Products

Penn Union Products
Penn Union Products


Penn-Union furnishes many connectors that service the industrial segment of the electrical industry. Often times, Penn Union products can be found aiding certain processes such as plating and heat treatment.
  • Terminal blocks
  • Flexible Connectors
  • Compression
  • Overhead Utility
  • Grounding
  • Etc

Power Transmission

The versatility and range-taking ability of Penn Union’s product line has been meeting the needs of the Power Transmission market for several years. Where substation equipment terminates in copper studs, Penn Union’s stud connectors conveniently connect to either bus bar or cable. Our tee connectors have the ability to connect both tubing and cable. No matter the application, we have a solution.


Penn-Union copper grounding connectors are UL listed and CSA approved for grounding, bonding and direct burial in earth or concrete – guaranteeing a reliable connection for just about any construction application.

Rail & Transportations

For over 90 years, Penn Union has been making it possible for the rail and mass transit industry to harness the power of electricity. We take pride in providing American-made products that are relied upon to consistently perform in the most demanding applications.


To meet the demands of the telecommunication industry, Penn-Union offers OEM’s and contractors a superior line of lugs designed for compatibility, reliability, and performance. Copper Penn-Crimps® are UL / CSA approved for grounding, bonding and direct burial in earth or concrete.


Penn Union has one of the most varied offerings of quality utility products in the industry. A wide range of secondary and service entrance compression connectors offers the utility or contractor an array of fittings to meet practically any requirement.

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