Rotork YTC Control Valve

With our experience, Rotork YTC built first Korean made positioner, volume booster, and position transmitter. After 10 years of Rotork YTC establishment, we are now serving domestic and overseas customers in more than 45 countries.

To fulfill customers’ expectations, Rotork YTC products are certified from domestic and international certifying institutions.

Rotork YTC Control Valve
Rotork YTC Control Valve

Following ISO 9001 quality systems, each product is sophisticatedly manufactured with highest workmanship with finest materials. Rotork YTC simultaneously strives to develop newest product and technology to the industry to meet today’s fast-pace technology.

Rotork YTC product are:

Rotork YTC Smart Positioner

  • YT-3750 series Smart Valve Positioner
  • YT-3700 series Smart Valve Positioner
  • YT-3300 Smart Valve Positioner
  • YT-3350 Smart Valve Positioner
  • YT-3303 Smart Valve Positioner
  • YT-3301 Smart Valve Positioner
  • YT-3400 Smart Valve Positioner
  • YT-3450 Smart Valve Positioner
  • YT-2500 Smart Valve Positioner
  • YT-2550 Smart Valve Positioner
  • YT-2501 Smart Positioner
  • YT-2600 Smart Valve Positioner
  • TMP-3000 valve stroke

Rotork YTC Electro Pneumatic Positioner

  • Electro-Pneumatic Positioner YT-1000L
  • Electro-Pneumatic Positioner YT-1000R
  • YT-1050, the Electro Pneumatic positioner

Rotork YTC Pneumatic Pneumatic Positioner

  • Pneumatic Pneumatic Positioner YT-1200L
  • Pneumatic Pneumatic Positioner YT-1200R

Rotork YTC IP Converter

  • YT930 IP Converter
  • YT940 IP Converter

Rotork YTC Air Filter Regulator

  • YT-200 Air Filter Regulator
  • YT-220 Air Filter Regulator
  • YT-205 Air Filter Regulator
  • YT-225 Air Filter Regulator

Rotork YTC Volume Booster

  • Volume booster relay, YT-300
  • Volume booster relay, YT-320
  • Volume booster relay, YT-310
  • Volume booster relay, YT-305
  • Volume booster relay, YT-325
  • Volume booster relay, YT-315

Rotork YTC Lock-up Valve

  • Lock Up Valve, YT-400
  • Lock Up Valve, YT-405
  • Lock Up Valve, YT-430
  • Lock Up Valve, YT-435

Rotork YTC Snap Acting Relay

  • YT-520 Snap Acting Relay
  • YT-525 Snap Acting Relay
  • YT-530 Snap Acting Relay
  • YT-535 Snap Acting Relay

Rotork YTC Solenoid Valve

  • Explosion proof type 3way solenoid valve, YT-720S series
  • Explosion proof type 4way solenoid valve, YT-720D series

Rotork YTC Position Transmitter

  • Electronic Position Transmitter SPTM-5V
  • Electronic Position Transmitter SPTM-6V Flame type
  • Electronic Position Transmitter SPTM-65V Flame type

Rotork YTC Limit Switch Box

  • YT-850 Limit Switch Box
  • YT-870 Limit Switch Box
  • YT-875 Limit Switch Box



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