A+ Corporation Filter Tornado 602 Self Cleaning Series

A+ Corporation is a privately-held, family-owned company located in Gonzales, Louisiana just outside of Baton Rouge. A+ pioneered the use of membranes for removing liquids to protect analyzers in both gas and liquid streams with their Genie Membrane Separators.

Additionally, the company pioneered the use of membranes on sample probes, eliminating liquids at pipeline conditions to ensure a representative sample as well as preventing liquids from contaminating the sample system. With over 45 patents and counting, A+ continues to create new and exciting technologies that will continue to define and redefine the way fluids are sampled.

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Starting in the fall of 1988, in a spare room in his house, Don Mayeaux began creating product concepts that would forever change the way natural gas is sampled. Building on a concept discovered while designing an improved electrochemical moisture analyzer.

Don invented a simple, phase-separating filter that he named “Genie.” The Genie® brand has gone on to become a master brand, the name by which most other membrane separators in the market are also referred to today.

Filter Tornado 602 Self Cleaning Series

The Filter Tornado 602 Self Cleaning Series is a continuously self-cleaning filter that protects analyzers from particulate in liquid samples. In normal operation, components of interest flow through the Tornado’s element to the analyzer. Contaminants are shed by the element and removed through the Bypass port.

The G.U.T.S.™ (Genie® Ultimate Thermoplastic Seal) gasket is an excellent alternative to expensive elastomers. It withstands radical temperature cycles without leaks due to its ability to maintain a bubble-tight seal even when the thermocycler repeatedly from 0-300ºF.

The Filter Tornado 602 Self Cleaning Series multi-layer filter media consists of the support screen and the flow screen. This results in more efficiency and easier installation and handling. The elements are self-cleaned by the tornadic flow of samples across them.


  • Self-cleaning tornado action
  • Single element, multi-layer stainless steel filter media
  • All connection ports on the housing
  • Sample ports located at 90o angles
  • G.U.T.S.TM seal
  • Back mounting


  • Helps preserve sample integrity
  • Analyzer protection
  • Quick and easy to install and maintain
  • Quick and easy element inspection
  • Economical


  • Continuous liquid sampling in any process industry including natural gas, petrochemical, and oil refining
  • Analyzer protection against particulate
  • Liquid sample pre-conditioning

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Maximum pressure rating 1,500 psig (103.4 barg)
Maximum temperature 300 ºF (149 ºC)
Minimum Bypass flow rate 1.5 gal/min
Port sizes Inlet, Outlet, & Bypass 1/2” female NPT
Internal volume 70 cc
Wetted materials Machined parts: 316/316L stainless steel / NACE compliant
All other metal parts: stainless steel / NACE compliant
Sealing material: Kynar®

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