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Sumtak  is established in Shibuya, Tokyo in 1963. SUMTAK branched out into digital counter and cam switches opening a Tokyo office as a sales department due to the increased order of sensors and high-frequency encoders.

General Information

In April 2000 Sumtak Encoders becomes a 100% subsidiary of HEIDENHAIN, Germany and in 2004 Sumtak acquired the PULSCALE business from Futaba Corporation. In 2006 the Machida Plant is launched including new headquarters and a Tokyo sales office.2009 saw a full merger with HEIDENHAIN K.K.

All versions of our Encoders are available in a blind hollow, full thru bore from 4mm – 60mm. All line counts available (enquire). Full range of obsolete versions.

Sumtak Encoders can offer ingress protection up to IP68 for extremely harsh conditions including ATEX approved for oil rigs and shipping. Also stainless steel for food products. BESPOKE sealing available to combat specific chemicals etc.

Sumtak Encoders Product

Incremental Shaft Encoder

  • 35 mm Series (35 mm Outer Diameter)
    • ROD 1000 (IRS3 Series)
    • ERN 1100 (IRH3 Series): Blind Hollow shaft
    • ERN 1100 (IRT3 Series): Through Hollow Shaft
  • 56 mm Series (56 mm Outer Diameter)
    • ROD 400 (IRS5 Series)
    • ERN 1300 (IRH5 Series): Blind Hollow Shaft
  • 66 mm Series (66 mm Outer Diameter)
    • ROD 600 (IRS6 Series)
  • 120 mm Series (120 mm Outer Diameter)
    • ROD 1900 (IRS9 Series)
  • Other
    • HR 1100 (f/k/a LGT Series) Electronic Handwheel
  • Accessories
    • AF: Mounting component
    • CAE: Connector Cable
    • C: Coupling

Sumtak Encoders Explosion-proof System

  • SBF-18: (Rotary Encoder)LBI-502-xxxx (Pulse Coupler) BF-18
  • SBF-19: (Rotary Encoder)LBI-300 Series/LBI-600 Series (Pulse Coupler) BF-19


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