King Pigeon S270 GSM 3G 4G M2M RTU Datalogger

The GSM 3G 4G M2M RTU is an industrial class, high reliability, high stability, and programmable Remote Terminal Unit (RTU).  It embedded 32-Bit High Performance Microprocessor MCU, inbuilt industrial Cellular module. It provides 2 digital inputs, 2 analog or PT100 Resistance Temperature Detector (RTD) inputs, 2 relay outputs, 1 ambient sensor input for monitoring onsite temperature and humidity. It can monitoring and operates the I/O ports by SMS, APP, Web Server, internet, timers and programmed inter-lock events automatically.

King pigeon S270 GSM SMS RTU 4G RTU GPRS Data Logger
King pigeon S270 GSM SMS RTU 4G RTU GPRS Data Logger

The GSM 3G 4G M2M RTU inbuilt TCP/IP protocol stack make it suitable for internet of things (IoT) applications, it can be easily to operate by the provided cloud, app, and web server, or integrated to you IoT applications according to the TCP/UDP protocol, or integrated to SCADA systems by standard Modbus TCP protocol, too. This is very useful if you need remote control onsite devices with low cost solution.

The GSM 3G 4G M2M RTU is design for working in the harsh industrial application environment, widely used in a variety of industrial automation, security monitoring system, automatically measurement and control system, BTS monitoring, remote data acquisition, telemetrically systems, automatically control system. It can be used as a remote switch, remote I/O, remote smart PLC, timer switches.

The GSM 3G 4G M2M RTU can be used as remote access control for BTS monitoring, the authorized users can open the gate or turn on the machine with a free charge call at specified time, this is useful for daily maintenance to save the time of traditional authorized .The GSM 3G 4G M2M RTU performs as Modbus TCP Slave over GPRS/3G/4G/NB-IoT network.

The GSM/GPRS/3G/4G M2M RTU suitable for below applications:

  • The Electricity Power Industry
    1. Remote Meter Reading
    2. Power monitoring
    3. Streetlight monitoring
    4. Meter monitoring
    5. BTS Control Room monitoring
    6. Power distribution automation remote control systems
  • Automatic monitoring system
  • Vending Machines,ATM,POS
  • The traffic Industry
    1. Traffic instructions
    2. Vehicle Park Guide
    3. Expressway monitoring
    4. Traffic lights control and photograph transmission

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