Tival Sensors TS-KGS Capacitive Level Limit Switch

Tival Sensors TS-KGS Capacitive level limit switch.  The capacitive level limit switches TS-KGS are designed to monitor level limits of liquids in nonconductive plastic or glass vessels. The flexible polyurethane-housing is mounted with self adhesive layer directly on the vessel. The sensor has to be mounted on the height of the level limit which is to be monitored. The maximum possible thickness of the vessel wall is depending on the permittivity εr (dielectric conductivity) of the filling medium.

The configuration of the TS-KGS sensor as overfill or dry run protection is performed simple and fast by attaching the programming wire on the positive or negative potential of the supply voltage. The TS-KGS can be attached directly to a relay or a control with binary inlet. A separate sensor control for wall mounting with sensor supply and relay outputs and LED status indicators is available optionally.

Product Description Capacitive Level Limit Switch TS-KGS

  • Level limit monitoring for liquids in non-conductive plastic and glass vessels
  • Flexible polyurethane-housing, IP 67
  • Simple mounting and fast sensor configuration
  • Suitable for bent vessel surfaces above 200 mm diameter
  • LED status indicator
  • Ambient temperature -10 … +60° C
  • Configurable as NO or NC contact
  • Intelligent μC electronic compensates contamination on the internal side of the vessels
  • Suitable as overfill or dry run protection
  • Simple mounting and fast sensor configuration

Tival Sensors TS-KGS Capacitive level limit switch Technical Data

Operating Voltage UB 6 … 30 V DC
Current supply (static state) Max. 0,6 mA
Switching current (min. / max.) 3,3 / 40 mA
Remanent voltage in switched on state Max. 6 V
Maximum switching frequency 2 Hz
Ambient temperature range -10 … +60 °C
Vessel diameter for attaching the sensor 200 mm
Max. thickness of the vessel wall
Dielectric conductive liquids ( εr > 10)
Dielectric non-conductive liquids (εr< 10)
8 mm
3 mm
Protection class IP 67
Housing material Polyurethan
Connection cable type PUR 3 x 0,14 mm2
Available lengths of connection cable 2 m, 5 m (bitte bei Bestellung angeben)
Weight (including 2 m cable) ~ 45 g
Electrical safety and electromagnetic compatibility: The capacitive level switch TS-KGS is protected against reverse polarity, overvoltage and overload. Electromagnetic compatibility according to directive: EN55022 / B, EN 61326-1, EN61000-4-2, -3, -4, -6.

Reference : tival-sensors.com

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