BAMOSOFT Control Bamo Water Hardness Monitor

BAMOSOFT Control Bamo Water Hardness Monitor, monitors safely the quality of softened water. It emits a light alarm as soon as the hardness of outlet water is near or above the threshold. (See the signaling table)

Example : Raw water (tap water): hardness of 300 ppm CaCO₃ Threshold is set at 0.25 %: for alarming when hardness of softened water is above 0.25 % of raw water hardness. It means that an alarm occurs when softened water hardness is over 0.75 ppm of CaCO₃.

BAMOSOFT Control also delivers a 4-20 mA signal which represents the percentage of residual hardness in the softened water, in comparison to raw water hardness.

Example : Raw water hardness (tap water) is 300 ppm CaCO₃. Output signal 4-20 mA is set on the scale 0 … 2 %. The value 20 mA will represent 2% of raw water hardness, here: 6 ppm CaCO₃.

BAMOSOFT Control Operation

BAMOSOFT Control comprises two solenoid valves that successively pass raw water and then softened water on a specific Ca⁺⁺ /Mg⁺⁺ electrode. With its hardware, the analyzer contemplates the ionic activities, compares data and proceed to check the system, less or more frequently. The controller delivers information: normal operation, alarm, faulty solenoid valve, brine leakage, etc.

Water samples are rejected to drain (no pressure). After start up, once measurements are stabilized, BAMOSOFT triggers a sampling routine each 15 minutes. It is possible to trigger sampling by an external signal (counter with pulse, external contact).

Signaling table of LEDs

Bamo Water Hardness Monitor Depending on their meanings, they turn on “continuous or flashing. In the table below, S stands for “Threshold set”.


  • Fit any water softener system
  • On-line control and monitoring
  • Alarm set up from 0.25% to 10% of raw water hardness
  • Self diagnostic of complete system
  • Signal outputs for remote information


Control and monitoring of softened water quality, by comparison of waters from softener inlet and outlet.

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BAMOSOFT Control Specification

Water temperature Water: 5 … 30 °C; Ambient: 5 … 50 °C
%R.H. 20 … 80 % RH
Power Unit 100 … 240 V – 50/60 Hz / 0.2 A
Output delivered voltage 15 V DC; approx. 6 W
Relay output 2 Change-over contacts; max. 24 V DC / 0.5 A
Relay 1: Threshold over-passed or brine detected
Relay 2: Electrode fault or Solenoïd valve fault
Fittings for samples By-pass with fittings for PA tube
PA tube: O.D. 4 mm, i.d. 2 mm ; In-line filter < 0.1 mm is highly recommended
Samples pressure limits Min. 1 bar; Max. 7 bar
Outlet to drain PA Tube, O.D. 6 mm; No pressure
Raw water quality Drinkable quality, free of grease, oil and brine
Restrictions Concentration of iron and manganese less than 0.05 mg/l (More information: Contact us)
Hardness range 10 to 1000 ppm CaCO₃
Trigger point 8 Thresholds in % of raw water hardness: 0.25 ; 0.5 ; 1 ; 2 ; 4 ; 6 ; 8 or 10 %
Analogue output signal 4-20 mA (max. 250 Ω) – Scales 0 … 2% or 0 … 10% of raw water hardness
Electrode check-up Self-diagnostic with alarm for low effectiveness
External sampling signal Pulse limit > 0.5 s
Dimensions Wall mounting; Case: 95 x 145 x 35 mm (Overall 120 x 220 x 120 mm)

Download Data Sheet: Water Hardness Monitor BAMOSOFT Control
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