Taiyo TD Series Air Driven Diaphragm Pump


  • Safety design, Explosion-proof and fire-proof type.
  • No overload.
  • Easy operation and adjust output volume.
  • Self-absorb type, no absorbing water required.
  • Easy to change the position of the piping port.

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  • Organic solvent,
  • Slurry liquid and viscid liquid,
  • Also acid and alkali liquid.

Specification & Model

Series The material of Pump Body Max Output Pump Caliber Air Supply Joint Caliber The Solid of Material Scope Weight Option
Inhalation Exhalation
TD-08 Aluminum alloy 13ℓ/min Rc1/4 Rc1/4 Rc1/4 φ1mm 1.8kg
Stainless steel 3.8kg
TD-15 Aluminum alloy 35ℓ/min Rc1/2 Rc1/2 Rc1/4 φ2mm 4.1kg
Stainless steel 7.1kg
TD-20 Aluminum alloy 54ℓ/min Rc3/4 Rc3/4 Rc1/4 φ2mm 5.5kg
Stainless steel 11.5kg
TD-25 Aluminum alloy 128ℓ/min G1 G1 Rc1/4 φ3mm 8.4kg
Stainless steel 15.3kg
TD-40 Aluminum alloy 341ℓ/min G11/2 G11/2 Rc1/2 φ6mm 19.9kg
Stainless steel 33.1kg
Cast iron 34.5kg


  • Max exhalation above is the max output volume of clear water when usage air compress is 0.7 MPa, and elevation height is 0.
  • The diaphragm is made of rubber.

Common Items

Operating Pressure 0.2 to 0.7MPa
Highest Usage Viscosity 300mPa/s
Max Inhalation Elevation Height 6m (in case of clear water)
Ambient Temperature 0 to +60 Celsius Degree (Do not use in unfrozen condition)
Lubricating Oil JIS K2213-1 (Natural oil ISO VG32)

Note: The material of diaphragm is chloroprene rubber or ethylene-propylene rubber, please consult to us for details.

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