Adams Rite MS1837 Two-Point Deadlock

Adams MS1837 Two-Point Deadlock has been manufacturing high-quality locks for nearly 100 years. Our door hardware solutions and accessories provide reliable solutions for narrow stile aluminum, hollow metal, and wood door applications. Adams Rite products are designed to complement the clean lines of modern doors, while at the same time meeting safety and access codes.

We pride ourselves in being a pioneering voice in the industry, known for innovative designs and high-quality products. Our product lines include deadlocks, deadlatches, flush locks, exit devices, electric strikes, trim, power locks, cylinders, and door hardware accessories.

Adams Rite deadlocks have long been considered the industry standard and remain the dominant locking solution for narrow stile aluminum and glass doors. We offer a variety of shapes, features, and sizes to provide maximum security for sliding and swinging door applications.

Maximum security for wood door pairs is provided with the MS1837 Two-Point Deadlock. A single turn drops a bolt into the threshold and pivots the MS bolt.

Adams MS1837 Two-Point Deadlock Function

Maximum security for wood door pairs is provided by the MS1837 deadlock with a single turn of a key. Simultaneously dropping a stainless steel hex bolt into the threshold and pivoting the massive MS bolt into the opposite leaf, the MS1837 eliminates inconvenient and sometimes forgotten flush bolts in the inactive leaf.


360° turn of key or thumbturn projects counterbalanced bolt into the opposite door and drops bolt into the threshold. The Key can be removed only when bolts are in a positively locked or unlocked position. Lock accepts any standard 1″ [25.4 mm] length, 1-5/32″ [29.4 mm] diameter mortise cylinder with MS® cam such as the 4036 Mortise Cylinder or thumbturn such as the 4066 Thumbturn, available separately. Lock accepts cylinder from either or both sides.

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Adams MS1837 Two-Point Deadlock Features

  • Cylinder Backset: 1-1/2″ [38.1 mm] only.
  • Cylinder height: 36″ [914.4 mm] standard. Other cylinder heights available on special order, specify exact height from the bottom of the door to cylinder center. Maximum cylinder height 65″ [1651 mm].
  • Case: Measures 1″ x 6″ x 2-3/16″[25.4 mm x 152.4 mm x 55.6 mm]. Steel with the corrosion-resistant plate.
  • Pivoted Bolt: 5/8″ x 1-3/4″ x 2-7/8″ [15.9 mm x 44.5 mm x 73.0 mm] with 1-3/8″ [34.9 mm] throw. Eight-ply laminated steel with alumina ceramic core to deter hacksaw attack.
  • Threshold Bolt: Hexagonal 3/8″ [9.5 mm], flat to flat. Stainless steel.
  • Armored Faceplate: Flat, two-piece plate extends to the bottom of the door.
  • Strike: For MS bolt, a 4001-011 Strike Plate with dust box is furnished. Threshold bolt strike can be 1/2″ [12.7 mm] diameter hole in metal threshold or, if the threshold is wood, 4005 Strike is available separately.
  • Standard Package: MS lock individually boxed with mounting screws. Hexbolt and rod packed separately with face extension plate, screws, bottom bolt guide, and attachment pin. Cylinder and/or thumbturn available separately.
  • Shipping weight: 3 lbs [1.36 kg]


Available in a choice of 313 Dark bronze anodized, 335 Black anodized, 628 Clear anodized, US3 (605) Bright Brass, US26D (626) Satin chrome.

Download Datasheet: Adams Rite MS1837 Series MS® Two-Point Deadlock


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