Vokes Filtration – Liquid, Dust and Air Products

Vokes Filtration is a South-African company with market-leading expertise in all aspects of HVAC systems, Dust Extraction Systems, and Liquid Filtration systems. Our extensive range of Liquid, Dust, and Air products allows us to select and provide the best-performing filters for your needs.

About Vokes Filtration

Vokes Air Group has been supplying liquid and air filtration systems worldwide for more than 30 years. Vokes Filtration is now an independently women-owned company, while still having strong ties with our former group, the Vokes Air Group. We pride ourselves in providing industry-leading products and services.

Vokes Filtration’s core strengths and competencies lie in the quality products we supply that can have a positive impact on reducing energy usage and lowering the carbon footprint, thereby lessening the environmental impact on the world. With the international backing of the Vokes Air Group and their fully equipped laboratories, our products are guaranteed to be at the forefront of filter technology. The local and abroad facilities allow us to constantly re-evaluate our portfolio and therefore design new, innovative products that perform at the highest levels in the required environment.

In addition to new product development, the R&D laboratories have extensive quality testing facilities to ensure that our products perform to the highest levels you would expect from a Vokes Filtration filter. Each state-of-the-art piece of equipment helps to accurately simulate a variety of real-life operating conditions to ensure that our products perform to the highest standard, even in the most extreme environments.

The Products of Vokes Filtration

Units are available from pipe sizes 2” and above to suit any pressure class. We also supply oil mist eliminators as well as a range of fuel & lubricating oil filters and oil/water coalescers. Stream-Line- For cleaning insulating oil by removing water from particulates. Oil Coalescers- For the efficient removal of water from oil. Fuel Lubricating Oil Filters- For removing a variety of particulates – suitable for diesel engines and gas turbines.

Liquid Filters

The extensive range of Vokes fuel and lubricating oil filtration systems have been meticulously designed in conjunction with leading manufacturers to protect a diverse range of critical equipment such as diesel engines, gas turbines, steam turbines, compressors, pumps, and gearboxes. Filter coalescers for the purification of fuel oils and lubricating oils. The Vokes Filter coalescer is a static device for the removal of solids and free water from distillate and light liquid fuels and mineral lubricating oils. This makes it the ideal solution for those applications where water can contaminate fuel oils in marine and land-based diesel and gas turbine installations.

Vokes Filtration - Liquid, Dust and Air products
Vokes Filtration Liquid Filters

The Vokes filter coalescer is designed for the removal of solids and water from mineral lubricating oils used in lubricating or hydraulic systems. This makes it an ideal solution for those applications where water can contaminate oils through condensation, seals, or glands. These can be used in industries such as Power generating, sugar refining, and marine, to provide the purification of lubricating oils in main and auxiliary steam turbines, gearboxes, stern tubes, and low-pressure hydraulic systems. It is either used as a bypass system on the main tanks or as a bleed of the main oil supply lines.

Oil Treatment Plants and Oil Mist Eliminators

Oil Treatment Plants- The Stream-Line® Oil Treatment Plants have been manufactured for over eighty years and are in service with power generating, transmission, and distribution authorities in over sixty countries worldwide.

Vokes Filtration - Liquid, Dust and Air products
Vokes Filtration Oil Treatment Plants and Oil Mist Eliminators

Proven to be extremely efficient and economical to operate, continued research and development by Vokes mean that Stream-Line® Plants are still the most effective method of oil treatment available. Oil Mist Eliminators- A new generation of Industrial Air Cleaners that efficiently separate oil fumes, oil mist, and emulsion mist.


Strainers remove unwanted particulate from a pipeline flow. Furthermore, they are relatively inexpensive compared to the equipment they protect or the loss of production experienced due to downtime. Their product range includes both locally and internationally manufactured strainers.\

Vokes Filtration - Liquid, Dust and Air products
Vokes Filtration Strainers

Dust Filtration

Industrial and commercial processes generate dust, fumes, and mist. These particles need to be captured and filtered to provide clean air for the operator and environment.

Source: www.vokes.co.za

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