Eltra Oxygen / Nitrogen / Hydrogen Gas Analyzers and Thermogravimetric Analyzers

Eltra Oxygen / Nitrogen / Hydrogen Gas Analyzers and Thermogravimetric Analyzers

Analyzers and Thermogravimetric Analyzers

About Eltra

In the early 1980’s the development of its first Carbon and Sulfur Analyzer led to the creation of ELTRA. The objective to offer high quality products at affordable prices still remains the foundation of ELTRA’s policy today.

Hundreds of satisfied customers worldwide are proof of the quality and reliability of Eltra analyzers.  With the creation of new levels of performance-to-price-ratios ELTRA’s world market share has rapidly increased. The introduction of oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen analyzers allowed ELTRA to successfully enter new markets on a global level. ELTRA equipment is the standard for elemental analysis in industries such as steel, automotive, mining and aerospace.

The ELTRA knowledge base is a growing source of information about elemental analysis and ELTRA elemental analyzers. Entries include general information and definitions, function principle & technology as well as details about the elemental analysis of certain materials and applications.

ELTRA elemental analyzers are used by customers in numerous industries around the world. Whether it is in production, quality control or research – ELTRA analyzers provide repeatable and accurate results. At ELTRA we know that your success is built on accurate and reliable results in your laboratory. This is why it is important to us to find the best analyzer and configuration for your application.

ELTRA offers a variety of ONH analyzers for numerous applications and specifications. An ELTRA thermogravimetric analyzer is the ideal alternative to standard laboratory ovens and muffle furnaces for thermogravimetric analysis. Thanks to a programmable furnace that is connected to an integrated balance, heating and weighing are combined in one instrument. This saves time-consuming manual work and allows for high sample throughput. In addition, a thermogravimetric analyzer can determine typical parameters such as moisture, ash and volatile in one single analysis run.

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Oxygen / Nitrogen / Hydrogen Analyzers

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